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Not only dopamine D2 receptors involved in Peony-Glycyrrhiza Decoction, an herbal preparation against antipsychotic-associated hyperprolactinemiaWang, D; Wong, HK; Zhang, L; McAlonan, GM; Wang, XM; Sze, SCW; Feng, YB; Zhang, ZJ2012169
Neural acupuncture unit: A new concept for interpreting effects and mechanisms of acupunctureZhang, ZJ; Wang, XM; McAlonan, GM201287
Scalp acupuncture for acute ischemic stroke: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trialsWang, Y; Shen, J; Wang, XM; Fu, DL; Chen, CY; Lu, LY; Lu, L; Xie, CL; Fang, JQ; Zheng, GQ201276
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