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Alzheimer research forum live discussion: Non-coding RNAs in neurodegenerationAlbensi, B; Breen, G; Cashikar, A; Chai, X; Chang, R; Cuellar, T; Frederikse, P; Hayashi, M; Hebert, S; Kinoshita, J; Kosik, K; Long, J; Maloney, B; Mizumoto, L; Muresan, V; Neilson, J; Nelson, P; Perry, R; Smalheiser, N; Stanek, L; Townsend, M; Turner, L; Umansky, S; Wang, WX; Xu, G2009123
Generation of triangular mesh with specified size by circle packingWang, WX; Ming, CY; Lo, SH2007156
Latent effects of larval food limitation on filtration rate, carbon assimilation and growth in juvenile gastropod Crepidula onyxChiu, JMY; Ng, TYT; Wang, WX; Thiyagarajan, V; Qian, PY2007157
Finite element mesh generation over intersecting curved surfaces by tracing of neighboursLo, SH; Wang, WX2005143
Modeling of depuration of paralytic shellfish toxins in Chlamys nobilis and Perna viridisYu, KN; Choi, MC; Shen, X; Wu, RSS; Wang, WX; Lam, PKS2005108
Generation of anisotropic mesh by ellipse packing over an unbounded domainLo, SH; Wang, WX2005199
Uptake and depuration of paralytic shellfish toxins in the green-lipped mussel, Perna viridis: A dynamic modelLi, AMY; Yu, PKN; Hsieh, DPH; Wang, WX; Wu, RSS; Lam, PKS2005156
Generation of tetrahedral mesh of variable element size by sphere packing over an unbounded 3D domainLo, SH; Wang, WX2005146
Generation of finite element mesh with variable size over an unbounded 2D domainLo, SH; Wang, WX2005114
A fast robust algorithm for the intersection of triangulated surfacesLo, SH; Wang, WX2004256
An algorithm for the intersection of quadrilateral surfaces by tracing of neighboursLo, SH; Wang, WX2003154
Use of the Endo-GIA Vascular Stapler for Hepatic ResectionWang, WX; Fan, ST200383
Safety and Necessity of Including the Middle Hepatic Vein in the Right Lobe Graft in Adult-to-Adult Live Donor Liver TransplantationFan, ST; Lo, CM; Liu, CL; Wang, WX; Wong, J2003293
Use of Endo-GIA vascular stapler for hepatic resectionWang, WX; Fan, ST200364
活體肝移植的理論和實踐Wang, WX; Fan, ST200265
Live donor liver transplantation in adults: Graft size, related anatomical anomaly and imaging evaluation of donorWang, WX; Fan, ST200269
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