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Therapeutic effects of Chinese herbal medicine against neuroendocrinological diseases especially related to hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal and hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis.
Pak J Pharm Sci
WANG, D; Lu, CY; Teng, LS; Guo, ZH; Meng, QF; Liu, Y; Zhong, LLD; Wang, W; Xie, J; Zhang, Z20147
The R292K Mutation That Confers Resistance to Neuraminidase Inhibitors Leads to Competitive Fitness Loss of A/Shanghai/1/2013(H7N9) Influenza Virus in Ferrets.
The Journal of Infectious Diseases
Yen, H; ZHOU, J; Choy, KT; Sia, SF; TENG, O; Ng, IHY; Fang, J; Hu, Y; Wang, W; Nicholls, JM; Guan, Y; Peiris, JSM201410
Liver grafts for transplantation from donors with diabetes: an analysis of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients database
PLoS One
Zheng, J; Xiang, J; Zhou, J; Li, Z; Hu, Z; Lo, CM; Wang, W20148
Spectral Measurement of Electron Antineutrino Oscillation Amplitude and Frequency at Daya Bay
Physical Review Letters
American Physical Society. The Journal's web site is located at
An, FP; Balantekin, AB; Band, HR; Beriguete, W; Bishai, M; Blyth, S; Brown, RL; Butorov, I; Cao, GF; Cao, J; Carr, R; Chan, YL; Chang, JF; Chang, Y; Chasman, C; Chen, HS; Chen, HY; Chen, SJ; Chen, SM; Chen, XC; Chen, XH; Chen, Y; Chen, YX; Cheng, YP; Cherwinka, JJ; Chu, MC; Cummings, JP; de Arcos, J; Deng, ZY; Ding, YY; Diwan, MV; Draeger, E; Du, XF; Dwyer, DA; Edwards, WR; Ely, SR; Fu, JY; Ge, LQ; Gill, R; Gonchar, M; Gong, GH; Gong, H; Gornushkin, YA; Gu, WQ; Guan, MY; Guo, XH; Hackenburg, RW; Hahn, RL; Han, GH; Hans, S; He, M; Heeger, KM; Heng, YK; Hinrichs, P; Hor, YK; Hsiung, YB; Hu, BZ; Hu, LJ; Hu, LM; Hu, T; Hu, W; Huang, EC; Huang, HX; Huang, HZ; Huang, XT; Huber, P; Hussain, G; Isvan, Z; Jaffe, DE; Jaffke, P; Jetter, S; Ji, XL; Ji, XP; Jiang, HJ; Jiao, JB; Johnson, RA; Kang, L; Kettell, SH; Kramer, M; Kwan, KK; Kwok, MW; Kwok, T; Lai, WC; Lai, WH; Lau, K; Lebanowski, L; Lee, J; Lei, RT; Leitner, R; Leung, KY; Leung, JKC; Lewis, CA; Li, DJ; Li, F; Li, GS; Li, QJ; Li, WD; Li, XN; Li, XQ; Li, YF; Li, ZB; Liang, H; Lin, CJ; Lin, GL; Lin, SK; Lin, YC; Ling, JJ; Link, JM; Littenberg, L; Littlejohn, BR; Liu, DW; Liu, H; Liu, JC; Liu, JL; LIU, S; Liu, YB; Lu, C; Lu, HQ; Luk, KB; Ma, QM; Ma, XB; Ma, XY; Ma, YQ; McDonald, KT; McFarlane, MC; McKeown, RD; Meng, Y; Mitchell, I; Nakajima, Y; Napolitano, J; Naumov, D; Naumova, E; Nemchenok, I; Ngai, HY; Ngai, WK; Ning, Z; Ochoa-Ricoux, JP; Olshevski, A; Patton, S; Pec, V; Peng, JC; Piilonen, LE; Pinsky, L; Pun, JCS; Qi, FZ; Qi, M; Qian, X; Raper, N; Ren, B; Ren, J; Rosero, R; Roskovec, B; Ruan, XC; Shao, BB; Steiner, H; Sun, GX; Sun, JL; Tam, YH; Tanaka, HK; Tang, X; Themann, H; Trentalange, S; Tsai, O; Tsang, KV; Tsang, RHM; Tull, CE; Tung, YC; Viren, B; Vorobel, V; Wang, CH; Wang, LS; Wang, LY; Wang, LZ; Wang, M; Wang, NY; Wang, RG; Wang, W; Wang, WW; Wang, X; Wang, YF; Wang, Z; Wang, Z; Wang, ZM; Webber, DM; Wei, H; Wei, YD; Wen, LJ; Whisnant, K; White, CG; Whitehead, L; Wise, T; Wong, HLH; Wong, SCF; Worcester, E; Wu, Q; Xia, DM; Xia, JK; Xia, X; Xing, ZZ; Xu, J; Xu, JL; Xu, JY; Xu, Y; Xue, T; Yan, J; Yang, CG; Yang, L; Yang, MS; Ye, M; Yeh, M; Yeh, YS; Young, BL; Yu, GY; Yu, JY; Yu, ZY; Zang, SL; Zhan, L; Zhang, C; Zhang, FH; Zhang, JW; Zhang, QM; Zhang, SH; Zhang, YC; Zhang, YH; Zhang, YM; Zhang, YX; Zhang, ZJ; Zhang, ZP; Zhang, ZY; Zhao, J; Zhao, QW; Zhao, YB; Zheng, L; Zhong, WL; Zhou, L; Zhou, ZY; Zhuang, HL; Zou, JH201484
Urban Renewal & Regeneration: Connecting with the Community in Hong Kong
We Own the City. Enabling Community Practice in Architecture and Urban Planning
Kee, TYC; Smith, PC; Wang, W; DeHoff, JN201411
Implementing the Innovative 2003 English Curriculum for Senior Secondary Schools in China: Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices
English Language Education and Assessment: Recent Developments in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland
Wang, W20149
Enhanced corrosion resistance and hemocompatibility of biomedical NiTi alloy by atmospheric-pressure plasma polymerized fluorine-rich coating
Applied Surface Science
Li, P; Li, L; Wang, W; Jin, W; Liu, X; Yeung, KWK; Chu, PK20145
A comparative study of self-mentions in academic writing in English and Chinese
The Annual Bloomsbury Round Table on Communication, Cognition and Culture, London
Wang, W20146
Programmed Cell Death-1 is Expressed in Large Retinal Ganglion Cells And is Upregulated After Optic Nerve Crush
ARVO annual meeting
Wang, W; Chan, A; Qin, Y; Kwong, J; Levinson, R; Chen, L; Gordon, L20144
Update on Apoptosis Signal Pathway of Retinal Ganglion Cells
Chin Ophthalmol Res
Wang, W; Chen, L20144
Fluorescent Magnetic Fe3O4/Rare Earth Colloidal Nanoparticles for Dual‚ÄêModality Imaging
Zhu, H; Shang, Y; Wang, W; Zhou, Y; Li, P; Yan, K; Wu, S; Yeung, KWK; Xu, Z; Xu, H2013152
Synthesis and properties of hyperbranched polyimides derived from novel triamine with prolonged chain segments
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry
Shen, J; Zhao, Y; Chen, W; Wang, W; Xu, Z; Yeung, KWK; Yi, C2013117
Association between adverse clinical outcome in human disease caused by novel influenza A H7N9 virus and sustained viral shedding and emergence of antiviral resistance
Hu, Y; Lu, S; Song, Z; Wang, W; Hao, P; Li, J; Zhang, X; Yen, H; Shi, B; Li, T; Guan, W; Xu, L; Liu, Y; Wang, S; Zhang, X; Tian, D; Zhu, Z; He, J; Huang, K; Chen, H; Zheng, L; Li, X; Ping, J; Kang, B; Xi, X; Zha, L; Li, Y; Zhang, Z; Peiris, JSM; Yuan, Z2013138
Linguistic sciences
Science Press (科學出版社). The Journal's web site is located at
Gong, T; Shuai, L; Wang, W201387
Constraints of detrital zircon U-Pb ages and Hf isotopes on the provenance of the Triassic Yidun Group and tectonic evolution of the Yidun Terrane, Eastern Tibet
Sedimentary Geology
Wang, B; Wang, W; Chen, W; Gao, J; Yan, D; Zhou, MF201341
Electrochemically Deposited Chitosan/Ag Complex Coatings on Biomedical NiTi Alloy for Antibacterial Application
Surface and Coatings Technology
Li, P; Zhang, X; Xu, R; Wang, W; Liu, X; Yeung, KWK; Chu, PK201374
Detrital zircon record of Neoproterozoic active-margin sedimentation in the eastern Jiangnan Orogen, South China
Precambrian Research
Wang, W; Zhou, MF; Yan, D; Li, L; Malpas, JG201364
Scalable economic extracellular synthesis of CdS nanostructured particles by a non-pathogenic thermophile
Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology
Moon, JW; Ivanov, I; Duty, CE; Love, LJ; Rondinone, AJ; Wang, W; Li, Y; Madden, A; Mosher, JJ; Hu, MZ201316
Aluminum/Hydrogen/Air Tandem Fuel Cell with Tri-Electrodes
ASME International Conference on Energy Sustainability & Fuel Cell Science, Engineering and Technology Conference
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
Wang, L; Wang, W; Leung, KH; Liu, F201364
Spatio-temporal measures of electrophysiological correlates for behavioral multisensory enhancement during visual, auditory and somatosensory stimulation: A behavioral and ERP study
Neurosci Bull
Wang, W; Hu, L; Cui, H; Xie, X; Hu, Y201315
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