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The association of gamma-glutamyltransferase and C-reactive protein with IFG/IGT in Chinese adults in Qingdao, ChinaSun, JP; Ren, J; Pang, ZC; Gao, WG; Nan, HR; Wang, SJ; Zhang, L; Qiao, Q201163
Expression and Characterization of Human Soluble Trimeric GITR ligand with an Isoleucine Zipper Motif.Cui, D; Wang, SJ; Chen, Y; Tang, L; Yang, X; Shi, Y; Tian, J; Tong, J; Xu, H201088
A study on the effects of tibial cutting jig fixation on varus-valgus and anteroposterior slope of the tibial osteotomyZhao, ZY; Chiu, KY; Zhang, SD; Ma, WH; Yau, WP; Tang, WM; Wang, SJ; Wang, WG2009184
Application of plagioclase solution degree to evaluating the weathering degree of CDG of granitesHu, RL; Yue, QZQ; Wang, LC; Qu, YX; Wang, SJ2009110
Migraine disability awareness campaign in Asia: Migraine assessment for prophylaxis: Research submissionWang, SJ; Chung, CS; Chankrachang, S; Ravishankar, K; Merican, JS; Salazar, G; Siow, C; Cheung, RTF; Phanthumchinda, K; Sakai, F200866
Scalable quantum computation in decoherence-free subspaces with trapped ionsCen, LX; Wang, ZD; Wang, SJ2006443
Dilatation in direct shear tests of Hong Kong completely decomposed granite (CDG)Zhao, JJ; Wang, SJ; Shang, YJ; Yue, QZQ2005112
Consolidation charactersitics of completely decomposed granite in Hong KongZhao, JJ; Wang, SJ; Shang, YJ; Yue, QZQ2005130
Migraine disability awareness campaign in Asia: Migraine Assessment for Prophylaxis (MAP)Wang, SJ; Chankrachang, S; Siow, C; Chung, CS; Cheung, RTF; Ravishankar, K; Merican, JS; Sakai, F2005106
Asian Headache Foundation (AHF) – launch of a new headache organizationRavishankar, K; Siow, C; Wang, SJ; Chung, CS; Cheung, RTF; Chankrachang, R; Merican, JS; Sakai, F2005163
Fractal fragmentation of weathered rock and its application in engineering geologyTu, XB; Wang, SJ; Yue, ZQ2005126
Control factors on shear strength of completely decomposed graniteZhao, JJ; Wang, SJ; Shang, YJ; Yue, ZQ2005318
Variation of clay mineral contents in completely decomposed graniteShang, YJ; Yue, ZQ; Wang, SJ; Tu, XB2005154
Variation features of pore radius and particle diameter distributions and mineral content of completely decomposed granite and correlation of parametersShang, YJ; Wang, SJ; Yue, ZQ; Hu, RL; Tu, XB2004111
Study on porosity of completely decomposed granite with five methods (in Chinese)Shang, YJ; Yue, QZQ; Hu, RL; Tu, XB; Wang, SJ2004125
Brittle failure and creep feature of completely decomposed granite observed in CT images (in Chinese)Shang, YJ; Yue, QZQ; Wang, SJ; Zhao, JJ200488
Quantitative analysis of minerals in completely decomposed granite soils comprising Hong Kong slopesYue, QZQ; Shang, YJ; Wang, SJ2004107
Review on current status and challenging issues of land subsidence in ChinaHu, RL; Yue, ZQ; Wang, LC; Wang, SJ2004127
Statistical analysis of characteristic physicochemical parameters and correlations of indices with Respect to Completely Decomposed GraniteShang, YJ; Wang, SJ; Yue, ZQ; Zhao, JJ2004141
Comparison of clay mineral content variations in clay-size portions and bulky completely decomposed granite (in Chinese)Shang, Y; Yue, QZQ; Wang, SJ; Zhang, NX; Tu, X200493
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