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Subgingival microbiota of Sri Lankan tea labourers naïve to oral hygiene measuresZHUANG, L; Watt, RM; Steiner, S; LANG-HUA, BH; Wang, R; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201413
Peri-implant conditions and their relationship with periodontal conditions in Chinese patients: a cross-sectional studyWang, R; Zhao, W; Tang, ZH; Jin, L; Cao, CF201418
Directors' and officers' liability insurance and loan spreadsLin, C; Officer, MS; Wang, R; Zou, H201354
Characteristics and mechanisms of large deformation in the Zhegu mountain tunnel on the Sichuan–Tibet highwayMeng, L; Li, T; Jiang, Y; Wang, R; Li, Y201333
Desalination by biomimetic aquaporin membranes: Review of status and prospectsTang, CY; Zhao, Y; Wang, R; HélixNielsen, C; Fane, AG201363
Effects of proteoliposome composition and draw solution types on separation performance of aquaporin-based proteoliposomes: Implications for seawater desalination using aquaporin-based biomimetic membranesZhao, Y; Vararattanavech, A; Li, X; Hélixnielsen, C; Vissing, T; Torres, J; Wang, R; Fane, AG; Tang, CY201352
Subgingival microbiota related to pocket probing depth in Sri-Lankan tea-laborersZhuang, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; Lang-Hua, BH; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201335
Membrane module design and dynamic shear-induced techniques to enhance liquid separation by hollow fiber modules: A reviewYang, X; Wang, R; Fane, AG; Tang, CY; Wenten, IG201339
Comparison of NF-like and RO-like thin film composite osmotically-driven membranes-Implications for membrane selection and process optimizationWei, J; Qiu, C; Wang, YN; Wang, R; Tang, CY201332
Brain grey matter changes in young patients with mild type of essential arms tremor: a voxel-based morphometry MRI studyCao, HM; Wang, R; Luo, X; Zhang, Z; Li, XJ; Qu, QM; Wu, EX; Yang, J201338
Atherosclerosis in patients with rheumatoid arthritisWu, M; Zeng, FF; Wang, R; Seto, WK; Pai, P; Chu, P; Yiu, KH201327
TRPV1 agonist capsaicin attenuates lung ischemia-reperfusion injury in rabbitsWang, M; Ji, P; Wang, R; Zhao, L; Xia, Z2012152
High performance flat sheet forward osmosis membrane with an NF-like selective layer on a woven fabric embedded substrateQiu, C; Setiawan, L; Wang, R; Tang, CY; Fane, AG201240
A modeling investigation on optimizing the design of forward osmosis hollow fiber modulesXiao, D; Li, W; Chou, S; Wang, R; Tang, CY201247
Microbiological characteristics of Sri Lankan tea-laborers without oral hygiene performanceZHUANG, L; Watt, RM; Wang, R; LANG-HUA, BH; Steiner, S; Ramseier, CA; Lang, NP201227
Synthesis of robust and high-performance aquaporin-based biomimetic membranes by interfacial polymerization-membrane preparation and RO performance characterizationZhao, Y; Qiu, C; Li, X; Vararattanavech, A; Shen, W; Torres, J; HélixNielsen, C; Wang, R; Hu, X; Fane, AG; Tang, CY201240
Effect of Pharmaceuticals on the Performance of a Novel Osmotic Membrane Bioreactor (OMBR)Lay, WCL; Zhang, Q; Zhang, J; Mcdougald, D; Tang, C; Wang, R; Liu, Y; Fane, AG201226
Ridge preservation after tooth extractionWang, R; Lang, NP201255
Point sampling with general noise spectrumZhou, Y; Huang, H; Wei, LY; Wang, R201297
Template-free fabrication of Bi2O3 and (BiO)2CO3 nanotubes and their application in water treatmentQin, F; Li, G; Wang, R; Wu, J; Sun, H; Chen, R201257
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