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A silver-promoted auto-tandem catalysis for the synthesis of multiply substituted tetrahydrocarbazolesWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Che, CM2011452
Gold(I)-catalyzed enantioselective intermolecular hydroarylation of allenes with indoles and reaction mechanism by density functional theory calculationsWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Guo, Z; Wong, ELM; Wong, MK; Che, CM2011850
Ruthenium-catalyzed alkylation of indoles with tertiary amines by oxidation of a sp3 CH bond and lewis acid catalysisWang, MZ; Zhou, CY; Wong, MK; Che, CM2010164
Gold(I)-catalyzed intermolecular hydroarylation of alkenes with indoles under thermal and microwave-assisted conditionsWang, MZ; Wong, MK; Che, CM2008244
Stereoselective synthesis of multifunctionalized 1,2,4-triazolidines by a ruthenium porphyrin-catalyzed three-component coupling reactionWang, MZ; Xu, HW; Liu, Y; Wong, MK; Che, CM2006158
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