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Glyceollin, a soybean phytoalexin with medicinal propertiesNg, TB; Ye, XJ; Wong, JH; Fang, EF; Chan, YS; Pan, W; Ye, XY; Sze, SCW; Zhang, KY; Liu, F; Wang, HX2011211
Isolation of a mitogenic agglutinin with relatively high thermostability from seeds of the variegated shell gingerWong, JH; Ng, TB; Zhang, KYB; Sze, SCW; Wang, HX201055
Effects of κ-opioid receptor stimulation in the heart and the involvement of protein kinase CBian, JS; Wang, HX; Zhang, WM; Wong, TM1998178
Pertussis toxin, but not tyrosine kinase inhibitors, abolishes effects of U-50488H on [Ca2+](i) in myocytesSheng, JZ; Wong, NS; Wang, HX; Wong, TM199783
Inhibition of [3H]-U69593 binding and the cardiac effects of U50,488H by calcium channel blockers in the rat heartZhang, WM; Wang, HX; Xia, Q; Wong, TM1997193
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