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Serum from minimal change patients in relapse increases CD80 expression in cultured podocytesIshimoto, T; Cara-Fuentes, G; Wang, H; Shimada, M; Wasserfall, CH; Winter, WE; Rivard, CJ; Araya, CE; Saleem, MA; Mathieson, PW; Johnson, RJ; Garin, EH20138
Increased water storage in North America and Scandinavia from GRACE gravity dataWang, H; Jia, L; Steffen, H; Wu, P; Jiang, L; Hsu, H; Xiang, L; Wang, Z; Hu, B201330
Dietary extra virgin olive oil down regulates oxidized lipid mediators in CCl4 induced liver injuryLee, YY; Wang, H; Lee, KY; Wan, JMF; Lee, CYJ201343
Modeling of a microfluidic electrochemical cell for CO2 utilization and fuel productionWang, H; Leung, DYC; Xuan, J2013178
An integrated approach to supporting land-use decisions in site redevelopment for urban renewal in Hong KongWang, H; Shen, QP; Tang, BS; Skitmore, M201374
Calcitriol restores renovascular function in estrogen-deficient rats through downregulation of cyclooxygenase-2 and the thromboxane-prostanoid receptorDong, J; Wong, SL; Lau, CW; Liu, J; Wang, Y; He, ZD; Ng, CF; Chen, ZY; Yao, X; Xu, A; Ni, X; Wang, H; Huang, Y201334
Flocking of multiple autonomous agents with preserved network connectivity and heterogeneous nonlinear dynamicsWang, M; Su, H; Zhao, M; Chen, MZ; Wang, H201327
The role of thermal effect on mantle seismic anomalies under laurentia and fennoscandia from observations of glacial isostatic adjustmentWu, P; Wang, H; Steffen, H201317
Genomewide association analyses in Chinese Han identify two new susceptibility loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDeng, M; Wei, L; Zuo, X; Tian, Y; Xie, F; Hu, P; Zhu, C; Yu, F; Meng, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, F; Ma, H; Ye, R; Cheng, H; Du, J; Dong, W; Zhou, S; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Lee, TMC201343
Potentiating Functional Antigen-specific CD8+ T Cell Immunity by a Novel PD1 Isoform-based Fusion DNA VaccineZHOU, J; Cheung, KLA; Liu, H; TAN, Z; TANG, X; KANG, Y; Du, Y; Wang, H; Liu, L; Chen, Z201350
Branched and isoprenoid tetraether (BIT) index traces water content along two marsh-soil transects surrounding Lake Qinghai: Implications for paleo-humidity variationWang, H; Liu, W; ZHANG, C; Liu, Z; HE, Y201328
Air-breathing membraneless laminar flow-based fuel cells: Do they breathe enough oxygen?Xuan, J; Leung, YC; Wang, H; Leung, MKH; Wang, B; Ni, M201347
Branched and isoprenoid tetraether (BIT) index traces water content along two marsh-soil transects surrounding Lake Qinghai: Implications for paleo-humidity variationWang, H; Liu, W; Zhang, CL; Liu, Z; He, Y201346
Cervical degenerative disc diseaseCheung, JPY; Karppinen, JI; Takatalo, J; Wang, H; Shen, FH; Samartzis, D201328
A passive aluminum/hydrogen/air tandem cellWANG, L; Liu, F; WANG, W; Wang, H; Leung, KH201341
Molecular characterization of prolactin receptor (cPRLR) gene in chickens: gene structure, tissue expression, promoter analysis, and its interaction with chicken prolactin (cPRL) and prolactin-like protein (cPRL-L)Bu, G; Wang, Y; Cai, G; Leung, FCC; Xu, M; Wang, H; Huang, G; Wang, Y201329
A hybrid aluminum/hydrogen/air cell systemWANG, L; WANG, W; YANG, G; Liu, D; Xun, J; Wang, H; Leung, KH; Liu, F201370
Theoretical graetz-damkohler modeling of an air-breathing microfluidic fuel cellXuan, J; Wang, H; Leung, YC; Leung, MKH; Xu, H; Zhang, L; Shen, Y201347
Regenerative microfluidic fuel cell for high efficient H2 production and utilizationXuan, J; Wang, H; Xu, H; Leung, MKH; Zhang, L; Leung, DYC201329
Decentralized adaptive pinning control for cluster synchronization of complex dynamical networksSu, H; Rong, Z; Chen, MZQ; Wang, XF; Chen, GR; Wang, H2013110
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