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Assessment of degradation of proteoglycans and matrix proteins in intervertebral disc degeneration by diffusion weighted MRSWang, AM; Cao, P; Yang, J; Wu, EX201331
In vivo diffusion assessment of intramyocellular lipid droplet size changes associated with high-fat diet induced obesity and streptozotocin induced diabetesCao, P; Wang, AM; Xie, VB; Fan, SJ; Qiao, ZW; Wu, EX201321
Diffusion investigation of intramyocellular lipid droplet changes in skeletal muscle under fasting conditionCao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Xie, VB; Yang, J; Wu, EX201292
Anisotropic diffusivity of creatine in rat hindleg muscles revealed by diffusion weighted proton MRSWang, AM; Cao, P; Qiao, Z; Wu, EX201287
Investigation of restricted diffusion behaviour of intramyocellular lipids in skeletal muscleCao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Xie, VB; Yang, J; Wu, EX2012110
Apparent diffusion coefficient of intramyocelluler lipid in heart muscleXie, VB; Cao, P; Qiao, Z; Wang, AM; Fan, S; Wu, EX201288
1H-MRS investigation of IMCL storage during resting in skeletal muscle: obese versus normal ratsQiao, Z; Cao, P; Wang, AM; Xie, VB; Fan, S; Wu, EX2012101
Effects of two stage anastomosis technique on vascularized nerve autografted in rat spinal cordWang, AM; Chow, SP; Chau, RMW; Bruce, IC; Zhang, JY; Li, CH199578
Effect of motoneuronotrophic factors on the spinal damage repair and axonal regeneration in adult ratChau, RMW; Wang, AM; Huang, WQ; Si, XH; Yu, WHA; Chow, SP199580
Vascularized peripheral nerve autografted in rats with spinal cord injury: A preliminary reportWang, AM; Chow, SP; Chau, RMW; Bruce, IC; Yu, WHA199595
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