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Gender differences in neural activity associated with recognition of happy and sad faces by human subjects: An functional magnetic resonance imaging studyChan, CCH; Liu, HL; Wan, YL; Wai, YY; Lee, TMC200672
First two cases of living related liver transplantation with complicated anatomy of blood vessels in BeijingWu, WH; Wan, YL; Lee, L; Yang, YM; Huang, YT; Chen, CL; Fan, ST2004119
Functional anatomy of syntactic and semantic processing in language comprehensionLuke, KK; Liu, HL; Wai, YY; Wan, YL; Tan, LH2002125
Acupuncture-stimulated Language-cortical Activation Observed by fMRILi, G; Liu, HL; Hung, YC; Chen, JC; Cao, G; Wong, KKK; Chou, A; Wai, YY; Wan, YL; Ma, Q; Yang, ES; Shen, GG2001104
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