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Effects of Iodine Content in the Electrolyte on the Charge Transfer and Power Conversion Efficiency of Dye-sensitized Solar Cell under Low Light IntensitiesLan, JL; Wei, TC; Feng, SPT; Wan, CC; Cao, G201223
Platinum nanoparticles on flexible carbon fiber paper without transparent conducting oxide glass as counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsLan, JL; Feng, HP; Wei, TC; Peng, C; Cheng, HP; Chen, WH; Chang, YH; Hsu, WC; Wan, CC2010181
The simple and easy way to manufacture counter electrode for dye-sensitized solar cellsLan, JL; Wang, YY; Wan, CC; Wei, TC; Feng, HP; Peng, C; Cheng, HP; Chang, YH; Hsu, WC2010209
Effect of impurity and illumination on copper oxidation after chemical mechanical polishingFeng, HP; Lin, JY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2008174
Gram-negative peritonitis is associated with higher dialysate levels of pro-inflammatory cytokinesYung, SSY; Wan, CC; Chan, DTM2008111
Behavior of copper removal by CMP and its correlation to deposit structure and impurity contentFeng, HP; Lin, JY; Cheng, MY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2008181
Void defect reduction after chemical mechanical planarization of trenches filled by direct/pulse platingLin, JY; Wan, CC; Wang, YY; Feng, HP2007123
Impurities induced localized corrosion between copper and tantalum nitride during chemical mechanical planarizationLin, JY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC; Feng, HP; Cheng, MY2007177
Mechanism for Cu void defect on various electroplated film conditionsFeng, HP; Cheng, MY; Wang, YL; Chang, SC; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2006322
Fibrosis-related growth factors in peritoneal dialysate during peritonitisWan, CC; Yung, SSY; Tsang, RCW; Chan, DTM200681
Induction of IL-6 and matrix protein synthesis in human peritoneal mesothelial cells by Pseudomonas aeruginosa exotoxin pyocyaninYung, SSY; Wan, CC; Tsang, RCW; Mak, JCW; Tsang, KWT; Chan, DTM200691
Investigation of the behaviors of various electroplated copper films during CMPFeng, HP; Cheng, MY; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2006159
Electroless Cu deposition process on TiN for ULSI interconnect fabrication via Pd/Sn colloid activationFong, HP; Wu, Y; Wang, YY; Wan, CC2003120
Displacement reactions between metal ions and nitride barrier layer/silicon substrateWu, Y; Chen, WC; Fong, HP; Wan, CC; Wang, YY2002178
Capacitance of Atomic JunctionsWang, J; Guo, H; Mozos, JL; Wan, CC; Taraschi, G; Zheng, Q1998438
Structural and transport properties of aluminum atomic wiresTaraschi, G; Mozos, JL; Wan, CC; Guo, H; Wang, J1998310
Dynamic admittance of atomic wiresWan, CC; Mozos, JL; Wang, J; Guo, H1997323
Quantized conductance of Si atomic wiresMozos, JL; Wan, CC; Taraschi, G; Wang, J; Guo, H1997333
Quantum transport through atomic wiresWan, CC; Mozos, JL; Taraschi, G; Wang, J; Guo, H1997305
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