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Video Image Super-resolution Restoration Based on Iterative Back-Projection AlgorithmWan, BK; Meng, L; Qi, HZ; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009260
Phase Resetting and Evoked Activity Contribute to the Genesis of P300 Signal in BCI SystemWan, BK; An, XW; Ming, D; Qi, HZ; Hu, Y2009147
Novel Gait Recognition Technique Based on SVM Fusion of PCA-Processed Contour Projection and Skeleton Model FeaturesMing, D; Bai, YR; Zhang, C; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009185
Measurement of upper extremity joint moments in walker-assisted gaitMing, D; Liu, XY; Bai, YR; Zhang, GJ; Cheng, LL; Qi, HZ; Xue, ZJ; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Li, LY; Luk, KDK2009141
Novel calibration technique for precision walker dynamometer system based on artificial neural networkMing, D; Zhang, X; Dai, YG; Zhou, ZX; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Wang, WJ2009103
Nonlinear Static Decoupling of Six-Dimension Force Sensor for Walker Dynamometer System Based on Artifical Neural NetworkMing, D; Zhang, X; Liu, XY; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Luk, KDK2009326
Research on new gait analysis technique for FES-assisted paraplegic walking based on risk-trend-graph (RTG)Ming, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Jin, SJ; Leong, JCY2005102
A new assessment method for FES-assisted paraplegic walking stability based on WRI graphMing, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Liang, ZR200542
Dynamic measurement system for 3-D upper limb forces during paraplegic FES-assisted walkingMing, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Leong, JCY200599
Necrosed field model of high intensity focused ultra sound for tumor treatmentMing, D; Wan, BK; Zhang, LX; Hu, Y200499
The research progress on hyperthermia for tumor and relevant new ultrasound applied techniquesMing, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y200491
Theoretical modeling study of the necrotic field during high-intensity focused ultrasound surgeryMing, D; Wan, BK; Zhang, LX; Hu, Y2004137
3-D center of gravity mapping: a new method for assessment of FES assisted paraplegic walking efficiencyMing, D; Wan, BK; Hu, Y; Leong, JCY2004143
Three-dimensional dynamical measurement of upper limb support during paraplegic walkingHu, Y; Ming, D; Wang, YZ; Wong, YW; Wan, BK; Luk, KDK; Leong, JCY200472
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