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Association between the 2-bp deletion polymorphism in the duplicated version of the alpha7 nicotinic receptor gene and P50 sensory gatingFlomen, RH; Shaikh, M; Walshe, M; Schulze, K; Hall, MH; Picchioni, M; Rijsdijk, F; Toulopoulou, T; Kravariti, E; Murray, RM; Asherson, P; Makoff, AJ; Bramon, E2013109
Risk variant of oligodendrocyte lineage transcription factor 2 is associated with reduced white matter integrityPrata, DP; Kanaan, RA; Barker, GJ; Shergill, S; Woolley, J; Georgieva, L; Picchioni, MM; Kravariti, E; Walshe, M; Allin, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Mcdonald, C; Giampietro, V; Murray, RM; Brammer, M; O'donovan, M; Mcguire, P2013140
Interaction between effects of genes coding for dopamine and glutamate transmission on striatal and parahippocampal functionPauli, A; Prata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, M; Fu, CH; Chaddock, CA; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Ehlert, N; Georgiades, A; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, P2013149
Prefrontal deviations in function but not volume are putative endophenotypes for schizophreniaOwens, SF; Picchioni, MM; Ettinger, U; McDonald, C; Walshe, M; Schmechtig, A; Murray, RM; Rijsdijk, F; Toulopoulou, T2012133
Effect of D-amino acid oxidase activator (DAOA; G72) on brain function during verbal fluencyPrata, DP; Papagni, SA; Mechelli, A; Fu, CH; Kambeitz, J; Picchioni, M; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, PK2012132
Genetic vulnerability to psychosis and cortical function: Epistatic effects between DAAO and G72Mechelli, A; FusarPoli, P; Prata, D; Papagni Sergio, A; Tognin, S; Kambeitz, J; Fu, C; Picchioni, M; Walshe, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Murray, R; Mcguire, P2012107
Do COMT, BDNF and NRG1 polymorphisms influence P50 sensory gating in psychosis?Shaikh, M; Hall, MH; Schulze, K; Dutt, A; Walshe, M; Williams, I; Constante, M; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; Collier, D; Rijsdijk, F; Powell, J; Arranz, M; Murray, RM; Bramon, E2011157
Differential effects of DAAO on regional activation and functional connectivity in schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and controlsPapagni, SA; Mechelli, A; Prata, DP; Kambeitz, J; Fu, CHY; Picchioni, M; Walshe, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Bellomo, A; McGuire, P2011107
Pattern of neural responses to verbal fluency shows diagnostic specificity for schizophrenia and bipolar disorderCostafreda, SG; Fu, CHY; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; McDonald, C; Kravariti, E; Walshe, M; Prata, D; Murray, RM; McGuire, PK2011132
No association of Disrupted-in-Schizophrenia-1 variation with prefrontal function in patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorderPrata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, M; Fu, CHY; Kane, F; Kalidindi, S; Mcdonald, C; Kravariti, E; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, R; Collier, DA; Mcguire, PK2011132
Expanding the range of ZNF804A variants conferring risk of psychosisSteinberg, S; Mors, O; Børglum, AD; Gustafsson, O; Werge, T; Mortensen, PB; Andreassen, OA; Sigurdsson, E; Thorgeirsson, TE; Böttcher, Y; Olason, P; Ophoff, RA; Cichon, S; Gudjonsdottir, IH; Pietiläinen, OPH; Nyegaard, M; TuulioHenriksson, A; Ingason, A; Hansen, T; Athanasiu, L; Suvisaari, J; Lonnqvist, J; Paunio, T; Hartmann, A; Jürgens, G; Nordentoft, M; Hougaard, D; NorgaardPedersen, B; Breuer, R; Möller, HJ; Giegling, I; Glenthøj, B; Rasmussen, HB; Mattheisen, M; Bitter, I; Réthelyi, JM; Sigmundsson, T; Fossdal, R; Thorsteinsdottir, U; Ruggeri, M; Tosato, S; Strengman, E; Kiemeney, LA; Melle, I; Djurovic, S; Abramova, L; Kaleda, V; Walshe, M; Bramon, E; Vassos, E; Li, T; Fraser, G; Walker, N; Toulopoulou, T; Yoon, J; Freimer, NB; Cantor, RM; Murray, R; Kong, A; Golimbet, V; Jönsson, EG; Terenius, L; Agartz, I; Petursson, H; Nöthen, MM; Rietschel, M; Peltonen, L; Rujescu, D; Collier, DA; Stefansson, H; St Clair, D; Stefansson, K2011183
Evidence of association of KIBRA genotype with episodic memory in families of psychotic patients and controlsVassos, E; Bramon, E; Picchioni, M; Walshe, M; Filbey, FM; Kravariti, E; McDonald, C; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Toulopoulou, T2010130
Genetic modelling of childhood social development and personality in twins and siblings with schizophreniaPicchioni, MM; Walshe, M; Toulopoulou, T; McDonald, C; Taylor, M; WatersMetenier, S; Bramon, E; Regojo, A; Murray, RM; Rijsdijk, F2010142
Memory functioning in familial bipolar I disorder patients and their relativesQuraishi, S; Walshe, M; Mcdonald, C; Schulze, K; Kravariti, E; Bramon, E; Morris, RG; Murray, RM; Toulopoulou, T2009119
Increased inferior frontal activation during word generation: A marker of genetic risk for schizophrenia but not bipolar disorder?Costafreda, SG; Fu, CHY; Picchioni, M; Kane, F; McDonald, C; Prata, DP; Kalidindi, S; Walshe, M; Curtis, V; Bramon, E; Kravariti, E; Marshall, N; Toulopoulou, T; Barker, GJ; David, AS; Brammer, MJ; Murray, RM; McGuire, PK2009162
Neuropsychological correlates of eye movement abnormalities in schizophrenic patients and their unaffected relativesZanelli, J; MacCabe, J; Toulopoulou, T; Walshe, M; McDonald, C; Murray, R200991
Altered effect of dopamine transporter 3′UTR VNTR genotype on prefrontal and striatal function in schizophreniaPrata, DP; Mechelli, A; Picchioni, MM; Fu, CHY; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; McGuire, P2009102
Epistasis between the DAT 3′ UTR VNTR and the COMT Val158Met SNP on cortical function in healthy subjects and patients with schizophreniaPrata, DP; Mechelli, A; Fu, CHY; Picchioni, M; Toulopoulou, T; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; McGuire, P2009133
Selective attention deficits reflect increased genetic vulnerability to schizophreniaFilbey, FM; Toulopoulou, T; Morris, RG; McDonald, C; Bramon, E; Walshe, M; Murray, RM200893
Neuregulin-1 and the P300 waveform-A preliminary association study using a psychosis endophenotypeBramon, E; Dempster, E; Frangou, S; Shaikh, M; Walshe, M; Filbey, FM; McDonald, C; Sham, P; Collier, DA; Murray, R2008162
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