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Functional and comparative analysis of globin loci in pufferfish and humansGillemans, N; McMorrow, T; Tewari, R; Wai, AWK; Burgtorf, C; Drabek, D; Ventress, N; Langeveld, A; Higgs, D; TanUn, K; Grosveld, F; Philipsen, S2003147
Cellular and molecular basis of cadmium-induced deformities in zebrafish embryosShuk Han Cheng; Wai, AWK; Chun Hung So; Wu, RSS2000145
Disrupted expression of matrix genes in the growth plate of the mouse cartilage matrix deficiency (cmd) mutantWai, AWK; Ng, LJ; Watanabe, H; Yamada, Y; Tam, PPL; Cheah, KSE1998143
Human COL2A1-directed SV40 T antigen expression in transgenic and chimeric mice results in abnormal skeletal developmentCheah, KSE; Levy, A; Trainor, PA; Wai, AWK; Kuffner, T; Chi Leung So; Leung, KKH; LovellBadge, RH; Tam, PPL1995253
Abnormal chondrocyte differentiation and chondrodysplasia in transgenic miceCheah, KSE; Wai, AWK; Levy, A; Trainor, PA; Kuffner, T; Tam, PPL1994107
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