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Structural and geochronological constraints on the tectono-thermal evolution of the Danba domal terrane, eastern margin of the Tibetan plateauZhou, MF; Yan, DP; Vasconcelos, PM; Li, JW; Hu, RZ2008107
Dating magmatic hornblende and biotite and hydrothermal sericite by laser probe technique: Constrains on genesis of Wangershan Gold deposits, Eastern Shandong Province, ChinaLi, J; Vasconcelos, PM; Zhou, MF; Aydin, NS2003128
40Ar/39Ar constraints on a temporal link between gold mineralization, magmatism, and continental margin transtension in the Jiaodong Gold Province, eastern ChinaLi, JW; Vasconcelos, PM; Zhang, J; Zhou, MF; Zhang, XJ; Yang, FH2003593
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