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Population differences in the polyalanine domain and 6 new mutations in HLXB9 in patients with Currarino syndrome
Clinical Chemistry
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GarciaBarceló, M; So, MT; Lau, DKC; Leon, TYY; Yuan, ZW; Cai, WS; Lui, VCH; Fu, M; Herbrick, JA; Gutter, E; Proud, V; Li, L; PierreLouis, J; Aleck, K; Van Heurn, E; Belloni, E; Scherer, SW; Tam, PKH2006282
New HLBX9 mutations in Currarino patients
XXI Annual International Congress of the British Association of Paediatric Surgeons. Oxford, UK, July 27-30, 2004
Garcia-Barcelo, MM; Lui, VCH; Fu, M; Li, L; Scherer, S; Herbrick, MA; Van Heurn, E; Tam, PKH2004166
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