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Effect of visual feedback on maximum phonation timeLi, Tsz-kuk, Christy; University of Hong Kong.2007160
Perception of voice problems between treatment-seeking dysphonic teachers and non-teachersLo, Yuen-ting, Cynthia; University of Hong Kong.2007137
Reliability of rating synthesized hypernasal speech signals in connected speech and vowelsWong, Chun-ho, Eddy; University of Hong Kong.2007152
The difference in electrical conductance of acupoints between normal non-dysphonic subjects and subjects with dysphoniaLo, Pui-yi; University of Hong Kong.2007136
Effect of feedback on the effectiveness of a paired comparison perceptual voice rating training programLaw, Tsz-ying; University of Hong Kong.2007165
Form and function of conjunction gen1 zyu6 (跟住) in story telling of Cantonese speaking childrenKwok, Kar-ling, Florence; University of Hong Kong.2007217
Laryngeal muscle activities during phonation and swallowing in non-dysphonic and dysphonic subjectsLai, Sin-yi, Sindy; University of Hong Kong.2007178
The development of resultative and directional verb compounds in Cantonese-speaking preschool childrenKeung, Sau-ching, Joyce; University of Hong Kong.2007157
Hearing screening for school-aged children: comparison of computer-based and conventional audiometryLaw, Mei-shan; University of Hong Kong.2007155
A case study of a semantic treatment on a Cantonese- speaking anomic patient with moderate semantic deficitsLam, Hang-ching, Iris; University of Hong Kong.2007202
Norms for the international outcome inventory for hearing aids (IOI-HA) in Hong KongIp, In-peng, Pumpkin; University of Hong Kong.2007158
Validation of a screening tool for identifying three-year- old Cantonese-speaking children with language impairmentFong, Yik-yan; University of Hong Kong.2007235
Spectral and temporal features of tense-lax vowel contrast produced by Cantonese speakers of English: a comparative studyLam, Sin-ting, Stephanie; University of Hong Kong.2007143
An orthographic study of Chinese characters of Hong Kong primary schoolsTam, Yiu-ting; University of Hong Kong.2007146
Relationships between some maternal variables and lexical diversity in three-year-old Cantonese-speaking childrenTang, Chung-yan, Joyce; University of Hong Kong.2007146
Speech intelligibility of Cantonese-speaking cochlear implant users and children with normal hearingFung, Wing-mei, Isabella; University of Hong Kong.2007152
The effects of task instructions on the training of extrinsic laryngeal muscle relaxation in phonationCheung, Yuen-man, Ophelia; University of Hong Kong.2007131
Comprehension of reversible sentences in Cantonese- speaking children with down syndromeLam, Shui-yung, Winnie; University of Hong Kong.2007165
Development of reading of Chinese characters in school age children: an implication to the stage model of reading developmentKwok, Ka-po, Carol; University of Hong Kong.2007286
The vowel production by different types of alaryngeal speakers of CantoneseChu, Hiu-kam, Rhoda; University of Hong Kong.2007149
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