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Photon-induced conduction modulation in SiO 2 thin films embedded with Ge nanocrystalsDing, L; Chen, TP; Yang, M; Wong, JI; Liu, Y; Yu, SF; Zhu, FR; Tan, MC; Fung, S; Tung, CH; Trigg, AD2007233
Charge trapping and retention behaviors of Ge nanocrystals distributed in the gate oxide near the gate synthesized by low-energy ion implantationYang, M; Chen, TP; Wong, JI; Ng, CY; Liu, Y; Ding, L; Fung, S; Trigg, AD; Tung, CH; Li, CM2007528
Dielectric functions of densely stacked Si nanocrystal layer embedded in SiO 2 thin filmsDing, L; Chen, TP; Wong, JI; Yang, M; Liu, Y; Ng, CY; Liu, YC; Tung, CH; Trigg, AD; Fung, S2006629
Metal ion enhanced phosphorescence of 2,3-naphtho-10-aza-15-crown-5: A possible molecular photonic operatorLi, LQ; Zhang, LP; Wu, LZ; Wang, BJ; Tung, CH; Che, CM2002119
Interlayer energy transfer from naphthalene to anthracene chromophores organized in Langmuir-Blodgett filmsLi, LQ; Zhang, LP; Wu, LZ; Wang, BJ; Tung, CH; Che, CM2002106
Luminescence and photocatalytic properties of a platinum(II)-quaterpyridine complex incorporated in Nafion membraneLi, XH; Wu, LZ; Zhang, LP; Tung, CH; Che, CM2001143
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