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Single-trial detection of chromatic transient visual evoked potentials by spatial filtering and wavelets masking filtering for brain-computer interfaceTu, Y; Zhang, Z; Hung, YS201323
Single-trial detection of visual evoked potentials by common spatial patterns and wavelet filtering for brain-computer interfaceTu, Y; Huang, G; Hung, YS; Hu, L; Hu, Y; Zhang, Z201345
Filtering data streams for entity-based continuous queriesCheng, R; Kao, B; Kwan, A; Prabhakar, S; Tu, Y2010483
Leptin activates hypothalamic acetyl-CoA carboxylase to inhibit food intakeGao, S; Kinzig, KP; Aja, S; Scott, KA; Keung, W; Kelly, S; Strynadka, K; Chohnan, S; Smith, WW; Tamashiro, KLK; Ladenheim, EE; Ronnett, GV; Tu, Y; Birnbaum, MJ; Lopaschuk, GD; Moran, TH200713
Adaptive stream filters for entity-based queries with non-value toleranceCheng, R; Kao, B; Prabhakar, S; Kwan, A; Tu, Y2005262
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