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Influence of cracks at the platform on hydrologic response of loess slopeWu, CX; Dai, FC; Min, H; Tu, XB; Kwong, AKL; Zhou, YF2011138
Field testing of irrigation effects on the stability of a cliff edge in loess, North-west ChinaXu, L; Dai, FC; Tham, LG; Tu, XB; Min, H; Zhou, YF; Wu, CX; Xu, K2011205
Study on loess landslide types and topographic features at south Jingyang Plateau, ChinaXu, L; Dai, FC; Kwong, AKL; Tu, XB2009144
Analysis of some special engineering-geological problems of loess landslideXu, L; Dai, FC; Kwong, AKL; Tham, LG; Tu, XB2009202
Characteristics and forming mechanism of the plateau-edge cracks and their significance to loess landslidesXu, L; Dai, FC; Kwong, AKL; Tham, LG; Tu, XB200990
Field monitoring of rainfall infiltration in a loess slope and analysis of failure mechanism of rainfall-induced landslidesTu, XB; Kwong, AKL; Dai, FC; Tham, LG; Min, H2009123
Fractal fragmentation of weathered rock and its application in engineering geologyTu, XB; Wang, SJ; Yue, ZQ2005126
Variation of clay mineral contents in completely decomposed graniteShang, YJ; Yue, ZQ; Wang, SJ; Tu, XB2005154
Variation features of pore radius and particle diameter distributions and mineral content of completely decomposed granite and correlation of parametersShang, YJ; Wang, SJ; Yue, ZQ; Hu, RL; Tu, XB2004111
Study on porosity of completely decomposed granite with five methods (in Chinese)Shang, YJ; Yue, QZQ; Hu, RL; Tu, XB; Wang, SJ2004125
Five test methods for porosity of completely decomposed granite in Hong KongYue, ZQ; Shang, YJ; Hu, RL; Tu, XB2004195
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