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Studies of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language to Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong: Theories, Challenges, and PracticesTsung, L; Shum, MSK; Ki, WW; Zhang, QY2012122
Rationale of curriculum design and teaching materials development for ethnic minority studentsShum, MSK; Tsung, L; Zhang, QY; Lee, KF201298
Unlocking the racialized and gendered educational experiences of South Asian females in Hong Kong: the case study of Pakistani girlsShum, MSK; Gao, F; Tsung, L2012116
香港少數族裔學生學習中文的可能途徑: 第二語言習得理論的啟示Ki, WW; Zhang, Q; Tsung, L; Shum, MSK2012237
South asian students' Chinese language learning in Hong Kong: Motivations and strategiesShum, MSK; Gao, F; Tsung, L; Ki, WW2011317
South Asian students' educational experience and attainment: learning Chinese as a second/additional language in Hong KongZhang, Q; Tsung, L; Cruickshank, K; Ki, WW; Shum, MSK2011233
Accessing Chinese: for ethnic minority learners in Hong Kong (Unit 7, 8 & 9)Lam, M; Tsung, L; Shum, MSK; Ki, WW; Sung, J; Lee, KF; Cheung, WM; Gao, F; Hui, A; Ng, EPK; Lee, TCT2011228
Teaching Chinese as a second language in China: The cases of South Asians and ethnic KoreansGao, F; Park, J; Ki, WW; Tsung, L2010341
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