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Effects of drink driving on crash risk based on random breath test dataLi, YC; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Tsui, KL; So, FL201339
The effects of alcohol on driving performance in Chinese adults measured by a driving simulatorLI, YC; Wong, SC; Sze, NN; YAN, W; Tsui, KL201315
Jeopardised inferior myocardium (JIM) score: an arithmetic electrocardiographic score to predict the infarct-related artery in inferior myocardial infarctionJim, MH; Tsui, KL; Yiu, KH; Cheung, GSH; Siu, CW; Ho, HH; Chow, WH; LI, SK201271
Prognostication of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) patient survivalWong, SY; Hai, Y; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY; Tsui, KL201173
Multinomial logit model of bicycle injury risk in Hong KongSze, NN; Tsui, KL; Wong, SC; So, FL2011140
Effects of drink driving on crash risk based on random breath test dataLi, YC; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Tsui, KL201195
Bicycle-related crashes in hong kong: Is it possible to reduce mortality and severe injury in the metropolitan area?Sze, NN; Tsui, KL; Wong, SC; So, FL2011252
Logistic regression analysis for predicting methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) in-hospital mortalityHai, Y; Cheng, VC; Wong, SY; Tsui, KL; Yuen, KY2011123
Bicycle crash casualties in a highly motorized cityLoo, BPY; Tsui, KL2010159
Association between drink driving and severity of crash injuries to road usersTsui, KL; Sze, NN; So, FL; Wong, SC2010280
Surveillance of trauma patient: a case study on injury severity of bicycle casualtiesTsui, KL; Sze, NN; Wong, SC201094
Prevalence of drugged drivers among non-fatal driver casualties presenting to a trauma centre in Hong KongWong, OF; Tsui, KL; Lam, TSK; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Lau, FL; Liu, SH2010350
Pedestrian injuries in an ageing society: insights from hospital trauma registry.Loo, BP; Tsui, KL200990
Misclassification of injury severity among road casualties in police reportsTsui, KL; So, FL; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Leung, TF2009145
1700 Victims of intimate partner violence: Characteristics and clinical outcomesLau, CL; Ching, WM; Tong, WL; Chan, KL; Tsui, KL; Kam, CW2008276
Age as a Risk Factor in Pedestrian Traffic CasualtiesLoo, BPY; Tsui, KL200783
Factors affecting the likelihood of reporting road crashes resulting in medical treatment to the policeLoo, BPY; Tsui, KL2007186
Trans-abdominal ultrasound-guided suprapubic puncture of a non-deflating Foley catheter balloonLee, WMM; Tsui, KL; Kam, CW200585
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