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Developing a Program on Leadership and Professional endeavor for Pre-university Students under the Early Admission SchemeChan, CHY; Chan, THY; Lo, PHY; Tsui, E; Chan, CLW2006103
The validity and reliability of the functional impairment checklist (FIC) in the evaluation of functional consequences of severe acute respiratory distress syndrome (SARS)Lam, SP; Tsui, E; Chan, KS; Lam, CLK; So, HP200672
The epidemiology of severe acute respiratory syndrome in the 2003 Hong Kong epidemic: An analysis of all 1755 patientsLeung, GM; Medley, AJ; Ho, LM; Chau, P; Wong, IOL; Thach, TQ; Ghani, AC; Donnelly, CA; Fraser, C; Riley, S; Ferguson, NM; Anderson, RM; Tsang, T; Leung, PY; Wong, V; Chan, JCK; Tsui, E; Lo, SV; Lam, TH2004144
Treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome with lopinavir/ritonavir: A multicentre retrospective matched cohort studyChan, KS; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Tsui, E; Tam, CY; Wong, MML; Tse, MW; Que, TL; Peiris, JSM; Sung, J; Wong, VCW; Yuen, KY2003317
Disseminated skeletal tuberculosis with skull involvementIp, M; Tsui, E; Wong, KL; Jones, B; Pung, CF; Ngan, H199358
Carcinomatous infiltration of the thyroid presenting as thyroiditis and stridorKung, AWC; Lorentz, T; Tsui, E; Wang, C199140
Successful treatment of focal hepatic candidiasis in a patient with acute myeloid leukaemiaTsui, E; Liang, R199192
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