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Value of anaerobic culture in bacterial surveillance program for platelet concentratesLee, CK; Ho, PL; Lee, KY; Tsui, GTF; Chua, E; Tsoi, WC; Lin, CK2008174
Estimation of bacterial risk in extending the shelf life of PLT concentrates from 5 to 7 daysLee, CK; Ho, PL; Lee, KY; Cheng, WW; Chan, NK; Tsoi, WC; Lin, CK2003112
Heparin therapy in the Chinese--lower doses are requiredYu, CM; Chan, TY; Tsoi, WC; Sanderson, JE1997166
Association between t(2;9)(p12;p23) and early B-precursor acute lymphoblastic leukemiaKwong, YL; Shing, MK; Tsoi, WC; Wan, TSK; Yuen, PMP; Chan, LC199377
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