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Charge storage behaviors of ge nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2 for the application in non-volatile memory devicesYang, M; Chen, TP; Wong, JI; Liu, Y; Tseng, AA; Fung, S2010159
Energy shifts of Si oxidation states in the system of Si nanocrystals embedded in SiO 2 matrixChen, TP; Liu, Y; Sun, CQ; Tseng, AA; Fung, S200746
Electrical characteristics of Si nanocrystal distributed in a narrow layer in the gate oxide near the gate synthesized with very-low-energy ion beamsNg, CY; Chen, TP; Zhao, P; Ding, L; Liu, Y; Tseng, AA; Fung, S2006818
Si ion-induced instability in flatband Voltage of Si/sup +/-implanted gate oxidesNg, CY; Chen, TP; Ding, L; Chen, Q; Liu, Y; Zhao, P; Tseng, AA; Fung, SHY2006722
Influence of Si-nanocrystal distribution in the oxide on the charging behavior of MOS structuresLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Ng, CY; Ding, L; Tse, MS; Fung, S; Tseng, AA2006625
Influence of silicon-nanocrystal distribution in SiO 2 matrix on charge injection and charge decayNg, CY; Chen, TP; Tse, MS; Lim, VSW; Fung, S; Tseng, AA2005554
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