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Classification of Auxiliary Circuit Schemes for Feeding Fast Load Transients in Switching Power SuppliesShan, ZY; Tse, CK; Tan, SC20144
Pre-Energized Auxiliary Circuits for Very Fast Transient Loads: Coping With Load-Informed Power Management for Computer LoadsShan, ZY; Tse, CK; Tan, SC20141
A Family of Exponential Step-Down Switched-Capacitor Converters and Their Applications in Two-Stage ConvertersXiong, S; Wong, SC; Tan, SC; Tse, CK201417
Pre-energized compact auxiliary circuit to buffer loads from fast transients with the goal of managing load-informed powerShan, ZY; Krein, PT; Tse, CK; Tan, SC20133
A review and classification of LED ballastsLI, S; Tan, SC; Hui, SYR; Tse, CK20132
Mitigation of Low-Frequency Current Ripple in Fuel-Cell Inverter Systems Through Waveform ControlZhu, GR; Tan, SC; Chen, Y; Tse, CK20135
Transient Mitigation of DC–DC Converters for High Output Current Slew Rate ApplicationsShan, ZY; Tan, SC; Tse, CK20132
On Energy Efficiency of Switched-Capacitor ConvertersCheung, CK; Tan, SC; Tse, CK; Ioinovici, A20132
Converter topologiesTan, SC; Tse, CK201280
Waveform control of fuel-cell inverter systemsZhu, GR; Tan, SC; Wang, KW; Tse, CK20123
On the color stability of phosphor-converted white LEDs under DC, PWM, and bilevel driveLoo, KH; Lai, YM; Tan, SC; Tse, CK2012124
Sliding Mode Control of Switching Power Converters: Techniques and ImplementationTan, SC; Lai, YM; Tse, CK2012159
Derivation of a fast mathematical model of PEM fuel cell with two-phase water transportLoo, KH; Wong, KH; Lai, YM; Tan, SC; Tse, CK2011130
Robust current control for boost PFC converters from a sliding mode viewpointChu, G; Tan, SC; Tse, CK; Wong, SC201199
Stationary and adaptive color-shift reduction methods based on the bilevel driving technique for phosphor-converted white LEDsLoo, KH; Lai, YM; Tan, SC; Tse, CK2011118
A theoretical study of inlet relative humidity control in PEM fuel cellWong, KH; Loo, KH; Lai, YM; Tan, SC; Tse, CK2011172
Transient mitigation of DC-DC converters using an auxiliary switching circuitShan, Z; Tan, SC; Tse, CK201189
Treatment of two-phase flow in cathode gas channel for an improved one-dimensional proton exchange membrane fuel cell modelWong, KH; Loo, KH; Lai, YM; Tan, SC; Tse, CK2011189
Adaptive mixed on-time and switching frequency control of a system of interleaved switched-capacitor convertersTan, SC; Kiratipongvoot, S; Bronstein, S; Ioinovici, A; Lai, YM; Tse, CK201176
Interleaved switched-capacitor converters with adaptive controlTan, SC; Kiratipongvoot, S; Bronstein, S; Ioinovici, A; Lai, YM; Tse, CK201073
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