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From Skeleton to Cytoskeleton: Osteocalcin Transforms Vascular Fibroblasts to Myofibroblasts Via Angiotensin II and Toll-Like Receptor 4Yuen, CY; Wong, SL; Lau, CW; Tsang, SY; Xu, A; Zhu, Z; Ng, CF; Yao, X; Kong, SK; Lee, HK; Huang, Y2012100
AluScan: A method for genome-wide scanning of sequence and structure variations in the human genomeMei, L; Ding, X; Tsang, SY; Pun, FW; Ng, SK; Yang, J; Zhao, C; Li, D; Wan, W; Yu, CH; Tan, TC; Poon, WS; Leung, GK; Ng, HK; Zhang, L; Xue, H2011181
Two-Step Enzyme Method for Preparing 7-Aminocephalosporanic AcidWang, J; Tsang, WK; Yap, HK; Chen, JM; Siu, YL; Tsang, SY2010234
Therapeutically relevant concentrations of raloxifene dilate pressurized rat resistance arteries via calcium-dependent endothelial nitric oxide synthase activationChan, YC; Leung, FP; Wong, WT; Tian, XY; Yung, LM; Lau, CW; Tsang, SY; Yao, X; Chen, ZY; Huang, Y20101,277
Functional consequences of overexpressing the gap junction Cx43 in the cardiogenic potential of pluripotent human embryonic stem cellsMoore, JC; Tsang, SY; Rushing, SN; Lin, D; Tse, HF; Chan, CWY; Li, RA2008137
Raloxifene, tamoxifen and vascular toneLeung, FP; Tsang, SY; Wong, CM; Yung, LM; Chan, YC; Leung, HS; Yao, X; Huang, Y2007104
Ectopic expression of systemic RNA interference defective protein in embryonic stem cellsTsang, SY; Moore, JC; Huizen, RV; Chan, CWY; Li, RA2007131
Raloxifene prevents endothelial dysfunction in aging ovariectomized female ratsWong, CM; Yao, X; Au, CL; Tsang, SY; Fung, KP; Laher, I; Vanhoutte, PM; Huang, Y2006101
Pore-to-gate coupling of HCN channels revealed by a pore variant that contributes to gating but not permeationAzene, EM; Sang, D; Tsang, SY; Li, RA200587
Functional integration of electrically active cardiac derivatives from genetically engineered human embryonic stem cells with quiescent recipient ventricular cardiomyocytes: Insights into the development of cell-based pacemakersXue, T; Cho, HC; Akar, FG; Tsang, SY; Jones, SP; Marbán, E; Tomaselli, GF; Li, RA2005137
Pore-to-gate coupling of pacemaker (HCN) channels revealed by a pore variant that contributes to gating but not permeation.Azene, E; Sang, DP; Tsang, SY; Li, RA200587
Human embryonic stem cells: Genetic manipulation on the way to cardiac cell therapiesMoore, JC; Van Laake, LW; Braam, SR; Xue, T; Tsang, SY; Ward, D; Passier, R; Tertoolen, LL; Li, RA; Mummery, CL2005109
Neuroactive flavonoids interacting with GABA A receptor complexWang, F; Huen, MSY; Tsang, SY; Xue, H2005113
Electrophysiological properties of pluripotent human and mouse embryonic stem cellsWang, K; Xue, T; Tsang, SY; Van Huizen, R; Wong, CW; Lai, KW; Ye, Z; Cheng, L; Au, KW; Zhang, J; Li, GR; Lau, CP; Tse, HF; Li, RA2005130
Urocortin and cardiovascular protectionHuang, Y; Yao, XQ; Lau, CW; Chan, YC; Tsang, SY; Chan, FL200476
Electrophysiological properties of pluripotent human and mouse embryonic stem cells.Wang, K; Xue, T; Tsang, SY; Cheng, LZ; Li, GR; Zhang, JCL; Lau, CP; Li, RA200478
Critical intra-linker interactions of HCN1-encoded pacemaker channels revealed by interchange of S3-S4 determinantsTsang, SY; Lesso, H; Li, RA2004117
Isoproterenol amplifies 17β-estradiol-mediated vasorelaxation: Role of endothelium/nitric oxide and cyclic AMPChan, HY; Yao, X; Tsang, SY; Bourreau, JP; Chan, FL; Huang, Y200261
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