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Lymphocytic infiltrate is associated with favorable biomarkers profile in HER2-overexpressing breast cancers and adverse biomarker profile in ER-positive breast cancersTsang, JYS; Hui, SW; Ni, YB; Chan, SK; Yamaguchi, R; Kwong, A; Law, KB; Tse, M201320
Inhibition of TGF-B signaling in combination with TLR7 ligation re-programs a tumoricidal phenotype in tumor-associated macrophagesPeng, J; Tsang, JYS; Li, D; Niu, N; Ho, DHH; Lau, KF; Lui, VCH; Lamb, JR; Chen, Y; Tam, PKH2013107
Adiponectin mediated MHC Class II mismatched cardiac graft rejection in mice is IL-4 dependentLi, D; Tsang, JYS; Peng, J; Ho, HH; Chan, YK; Zhu, J; Lui, VCH; Xu, A; Lamb, JR; Tam, PKH; Chen, Y201280
The potency of allospecific tregs cells appears to correlate with T cell receptor functional avidityTsang, JYS; Ratnasothy, K; Li, D; Chen, Y; Bucy, RP; Lau, KF; Smyth, L; Lombardi, G; Lechler, R; Tam, PKH2011334
Novel immunomodulatory effects of adiponectin on dendritic cell functionsTsang, JYS; Li, D; Ho, D; Peng, J; Xu, A; Lamb, J; Chen, Y; Tam, PKH2011917
PPAR-γ signaling and IL-5 inhibition together prevent chronic rejection of MHC Class IImismatched cardiac graftsChen, Y; Li, D; Tsang, JYS; Niu, N; Peng, J; Zhu, J; Hui, K; Xu, A; Lui, VCH; Lamb, JR; Tam, PKH2011376
The effects of Adiponectin on murine CD4 T cellsLi, D; Tsang, JYS; Tam, PKH; Chen, Y2009139
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