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Regulation of Foxmic By the RAF/MEK/MAPK PathwayTong, HK; Ma, RYM; Cheung, MS; Tsang, ACC; Leung, WL; Yao, KM200579
Raf/MEK/MAPK signaling stimulates the nuclear translocation and transactivating activity of FOXM1cMa, RYM; Tong, THK; Cheung, AMS; Tsang, ACC; Leung, WY; Yao, KM2005326
Regulation of FOXM1c by the Raf/MEK/MAPK pathwayTong, HK; Ma, RYM; Cheung, MS; Tsang, ACC; Leung, GWY; Yao, KM200573
The mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway promotes mitotic progression through the forkhead box transcription factor foxmiMa, RYM; Tsang, ACC; Leung, GWY; Yao, KM200462
Recombinogenic Tagging Reveals Dynamic Compartmentalization of the Escherichia Coli ProteomeHuang, J; Leong, MK; Watt, RM; Tsang, ACC; Danchin, ALM; Cheah, KSE; Liu, D200478
Spdzd2 is a putative regulatory factor of insulin gene expression and pancreatic b-cell growthYeung, ML; Tam, SMT; Tsang, ACC; Yao, KM200456
Regulation of p16INK4a expression by the forkhead transcription factor FOXM1Ching, JCY; Leung, TWC; Tong, CSW; Tsang, ACC; Cheung, MS; Leung, GWY; Yao, KM200385
Proteolytic cleavage of PDZD2 generates a secreted peptide containing two PDZ domainsYeung, ML; Tam, TSM; Tsang, ACC; Yao, KM2003160
Investigating the regulatory role of foxmi in cell cycle progression by RNA interferenceCheung, MS; Ching, JCY; Ma, RYM; Tsang, ACC; Leung, GWY; Yao, KM200393
Cleft lip and palate surgerySamman, N; Tsang, ACC2003125
A study of the comparative efficacy of three common analgesics in the control of pain after third molar surgery under local anaesthesiaComfort, MB; Tse, ASK; Tsang, ACC; McGrath, C200299
Over-expression of FoxM1 stimulates cyclin B1 expressionLeung, TWC; Lin, SSW; Tsang, ACC; Tong, CSW; Ching, JCY; Leung, WY; Gimlich, R; Wong, GG; Yao, KM2001102
Over-expression of FoxM1 facilitates progression through G2/M phase and stimulates expression of cyclin B1Leung, TWC; Tong, CSW; Lin, SSW; Tsang, ACC; Yao, KM200080
The transcription factor WIN alters cell cycle kinetics through modulation of cyclin expressionLeung, TWC; Tong, CSW; Lin, SSW; Tsang, ACC; Yao, KM199958
Overexpression of the winged helix transcription factor WIN in HeLa cells alters cell-cycle kineticsYao, KM; Leung, TWC; Tong, CSW; Lin, SSW; Tsang, ACC199957
Post-operative pain experience after third molar surgeryComfort, MB; Tse, ASK; Tsang, ACC1999121
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