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In situ transmission electron microscopy of electrochemical lithiation, delithiation and deformation of individual graphene nanoribbonsLiu, XH; Wang, JW; Liu, Y; Zheng, H; Kushima, A; Huang, S; Zhu, T; Mao, SX; Li, J; Zhang, S; Lu, W; Tour, JM; Huang, JY201295
In situ synthesis of polymer-modified mesoporous carbon CMK-3 composites for CO2 sequestrationHwang, CC; Jin, Z; Lu, W; Sun, Z; Alemany, LB; Lomeda, JR; Tour, JM201183
Low-loss, high-permittivity composites made from graphene nanoribbonsDimiev, A; Lu, W; Zeller, K; Crowgey, B; Kempel, LC; Tour, JM201168
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