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An exact solution for the three-phase thermo-electro-magneto-elastic cylinder model and its application to piezoelectric-magnetic fiber compositesTong, ZH; Lo, SH; Jiang, CP; Cheung, YK2008169
A closed form solution to the antiplane problem of doubly periodic cracks of unequal size in piezoelectric materialsTong, ZH; Jiang, CP; Lo, SH; Cheung, YK2006167
A generalized self-consistent method accounting for fiber section shapeJiang, CP; Tong, ZH; Cheung, YK2003157
A generalized self-consistent method for piezoelectric fiber reinforced composites under antiplane shearJiang, CP; Tong, ZH; Cheung, YK2001109
Finite layer method in 3-D analysis of dynamic behavior for piezoelectric composite laminatesCheung, YK; Jiang, CP; Tong, ZH2001103
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