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Dynamic element texturesCY, MA; Wei, LY; Lefebvre, S; Tong, X201322
A smoothing SQP method for nonlinear programs with stability constraints arising from power systemsTong, X; Qi, L; Wu, SY; Wu, FF2012139
Detail-Preserving Controllable Deformation from Sparse ExamplesHuang, HD; Yin, K; Zhao, L; Qi, Y; Yu, Y; Tong, X201225
Discrete element texturesMa, C; Wei, LY; Tong, X2011133
Controllable hand deformation from sparse examples with rich detailsHuang, H; Zhao, L; Yin, K; Qi, Y; Yu, Y; Tong, X2011110
Risk assessment of generation investmentWu, FF; Hou, Y; Tong, X; Liu, M2010159
Early Correlates of Reading Comprehension in Chinese ChildrenMcBride-Chang, C; Tong, X; Wong, AMY2009151
Predictors of reading comprehension difficulties in Chinese childrenMcBride-Chang, C; Fong, CYC; Tong, X; Wong, AMY; Shu, H2009334
Worst-case CVaR based portfolio optimization models with applications to scenario planningTong, X; Wu, F; Qi, L2009434
Available transfer capability calculation using a smoothing pointwise maximum functionTong, X; Wu, FF; Qi, L2008322
Quadratic approximation and visitation of online constrct-based available transfer capability region of power systemsTong, X; Wu, FF; Su, J2008662
A semismooth newton method for solving optimal power flowTong, X; Wu, FF; Zhang, Y; Yan, Z; Ni, Y2007303
On the convergence of decoupled optimal power flow methodsTong, X; Wu, FF; Qi, L2007153
Rendering from compressed high dynamic range textures on programmable graphics hardwareWang, L; Wang, X; Sloan, PP; Wei, LY; Tong, X; Guo, B2007139
Homophone awareness and early literacy in ChineseTong, X; McBride-Chang, C.A; Wong, AMY2007117
A decoupled semismooth Newton method for optimal power flowTong, X; Zhang, Y; Wu, FF2006127
A Novel Model For Calculating Available Transfer Capability Using Semi-smooth Newton MethodZhang, Y; Tong, X; Ni, Y; Chen, S.S.; Wu, FF200492
Quadratic Approximation and Visualization of On-line Contract Based Available Transfer Capacity Region of Power SystemsWu, FF; Tong, X; Su, JF2004106
The adult of Cloeodes longisetosus (Braasch & Sold, 1980) and revised description of the larva (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae)Tong, X; Dudgeon, D; McCafferty, WP2003140
First record of the genus Chopralla (Ephemeroptera: Baetidae) from China, and description of a new speciesTong, X; Dudgeon, D2003285
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