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Kidney claudin-19: Localization in distal tubules and collecting ducts and dysregulation in polycystic renal diseaseLee, NPY; Tong, MK; Leung, PP; Chan, VW; Leung, S; Tam, PC; Chan, KW; Lee, KF; Yeung, WSB; Luk, JM2006163
A report with consensus statements of the International Society of Nephrology 2004 Consensus Workshop on Prevention of Progression of Renal Disease, Hong Kong, June 29, 2004Li, PKT; Weening, JJ; Dirks, J; Lui, SL; Szeto, CC; Tang, S; Atkins, RC; Mitch, WE; Chow, KM; D'Amico, G; Freedman, BI; Harris, DC; Hooi, LS; De Jong, PE; KincaidSmith, P; Lai, KN; Lee, E; Li, FK; Lin, SY; Lo, WK; Mani, MK; Mathew, T; Murakami, M; Qian, JQ; Ramirez, S; Reiser, T; Tomino, Y; Tong, MK; Tsang, WK; Tungsanga, K; Wang, H; Wong, AK; Wong, KM; Yang, WC; De Zeeuw, D; Yu, AW; Memuzzi, G2005187
Sp1 site is crucial for the mouse claudin-19 gene expression in the kidney cellsLuk, JM; Tong, MK; Mok, BW; Tam, PC; Yeung, WSB; Lee, KF200454
Predominant expression of tight-junction claudin 19 in kidneyLuk, JMC; Tong, MK; Mok, BW; Lee, CKF; Yeung, WSB; Tam, PC; Fan, ST20031,017
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