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Storage media enhance osteoclastogenic potential of human periodontal ligament cells via RANKL-independent signalingZhan, X; Zhang, C; Dissanayaka, WL; Cheung, GSP; Jin, L; Yang, Y; Yan, F; Tong, EHY2013136
Coculture of dental pulp stem cells with endothelial cells enhances osteo-/odontogenic and angiogenic potential in vitroDissanayaka, WL; Zhan, X; Zhang, C; Hargreaves, KM; Jin, L; Tong, EHY2012147
Inducible nucleosome depletion at OREBP-binding-sites by hypertonic stressTong, EHY; Guo, JJ; Xu, SX; Mak, K; Chung, SK; Chung, SSM; Huang, AL; Ko, BCB2009174
Regulation of nucleocytoplasmic trafficking of transcription factor OREBP/TonEBP/NFAT5Tong, EHY; Guo, JJ; Huang, AL; Liu, H; Hu, CD; Chung, SSM; Ko, BCB2006101
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