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Recovery of clean ordered (1 1 1) surface of etched siliconNg, AMC; Dong, L; Ho, WK; Djurisic, A; Xie, MH; Wu, HS; Lin, N; Tong, DSY201368
Accurate And Fast Calculation Of Low Energy Electron Diffractionspectra With Full Crystal PotentialWu, HS; Wang, J; So, WK; Tong, DSY2007126
Emissions from defects in thin GaN epilayers grown on vicinal 4H-SiC substratesXu, S; Wang, HJ; Cheung, SH; Li, Q; Dai, X; Xie, MH; Tong, DSY2003127
Thermodynamics of carrier distribution within localized electronic states with a broad Gaussian energy distribution and its effect on luminescence behavior of localized statesLi, Q; Xu, SJ; Cheng, WC; Xie, MH; Tong, DSY; Yang, H2002298
GaN thin films on SiC substrates studied using variable energy positron annihilation spectroscopyHu, YF; Shan, YY; Beling, CD; Fung, S; Xie, MH; Cheung, SH; Tu, J; Brauer, G; Anwand, W; Tong, DSY2001132
Multilayer structural determination of the GaAs(1¯1¯1¯)2×2 reconstruction by automated tensor LEEDDeng, BC; Yu, ZX; Xu, G; Mrstik, BJ; Tong, DSY1999225
Direct observation of ordered trimers on Si(111)√3×√3 R30°-Au by scanned-energy glancing-angle Kikuchi electron wave-front reconstructionHong, IH; Liao, DK; Chou, YC; Wei, CM; Tong, DSY1996408
Angle-resolved x-ray circular and magnetic circular dichroisms: Definitions and applicationsTong, DSY; Guo, X; Tobin, JG; Waddill, GD1996232
Surface structure of epitaxial Gd(0001) films on W(110) studied by quantitative LEED analysisGiergiel, J; Pang, AW; Hopster, H; Guo, X; Tong, DSY; Weller, D1995234
Initial-state and scattering-factor effects in photoelectron holographyTong, DSY; Li, H; Huang, H1995538
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