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ZIP2 and ZIP4 mediate age-related zinc fluxes across the retinal pigment epitheliumLeung, KW; Gvritishvili, A; Liu, Y; TombranTink, J201285
Codon preference optimization increases heterologous PEDF expressionGvritishvili, AG; Leung, KW; TombranTink, J201054
Bacterial endotoxin activates retinal pigment epithelial cells and induces their degeneration through IL-6 and IL-8 autocrine signalingLeung, KW; Barnstable, CJ; TombranTink, J200980
Protopanaxadiol and protopanaxatriol bind to glucocorticoid and oestrogen receptors in endothelial cellsLeung, KW; Leung, FP; Mak, NK; TombranTink, J; Huang, Y; Wong, RN200957
Mitochondrial complex i defect induces ROS release and degeneration in trabecular meshwork cells of POAG patients: Protection by antioxidantsHe, Y; Leung, KW; Zhang, YH; Duan, S; Zhong, XF; Jiang, RZ; Peng, Z; TombranTink, J; Ge, J200865
Expression of ZnT and ZIP zinc transporters in the human RPE and their regulation by neurotrophic factorsLeung, KW; Liu, M; Xu, M; Seiler, MJ; Barnstable, CJ; TombranTink, J200848
Ginsenoside Rb1 inhibits tube-like structure formation of endothelial cells by regulating pigment epithelium-derived factor through the oestrogen β receptorLeung, KW; Cheung, LWT; Pon, YL; Wong, RNS; Mak, NK; Fan, TPP; Au, SCL; TombranTink, J; Wong, AST2007204
Pigment epithelium-derived factor is estrogen sensitive and inhibits the growth of human ovarian cancer and ovarian surface epithelial cellsCheung, LWT; Au, SCL; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS; TombranTink, J; Auersperg, N; Wong, AST2006126
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