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Uniform dispersion of 1:1 PtRu nanoparticles in ordered mesoporous carbon for improved methanol oxidationLI, F; Chan, GKY; Yung, H; YANG, C; Ting, SW201333
Reaction pathways derived from DFT for understanding catalytic decomposition of formic acid into hydrogen on noble metalsHu, C; Ting, SW; Chan, KY; Huang, W2012144
Formic acid dehydrogenation over PtRuBiO x/C catalyst for generation of CO-free hydrogen in a continuous-flow reactorHu, C; Ting, SW; Tsui, J; Chan, KY2012114
Heterogeneous catalytic generation of hydrogen from formic acid under pressurized aqueous conditionsTing, SW; Hu, C; Pulleri, JK; Chan, KY2012208
Lithium titanate prepared from mesoporous TiO2 fiber as anode material for lithium Ion batteriesTing, SW; Yang, Z; Li, VCY; Zhuang, W; Yao, W; Lu, X; Chan, KY201255
Generation of CO free hydrogen by liquid-phase bicatalytrc WGS reaction at 40°C via formic acid intermediateJayasree, KP; Ting, SW; Lam, FLY; Hu, C; Chan, KY201236
CO-free hydrogen from formic acid with Pt Ru Bi Ox/C heterogeneous catalyst for PEM fuel cellsChan, KY; Ting, SW; Hu, C; Jayasree, P; Tsui, J201244
Structural and electrochemical studies of mesoporous Li4Ti5O12-TiO2 composite spheres as anode material for lithium ion batteriesTing, SW; Li, VCY; Chan, KY201239
Novel ice structures in carbon nanopores: Pressure enhancement effect of confinementJazdzewska, M; ŚliwinskaBartkowiak, MM; Beskrovnyy, AI; Vasilovskiy, SG; Ting, SW; Chan, KY; Huang, L; Gubbins, KE2011286
Varying carbon structures templated from KIT-6 for optimum electrochemical capacitanceLi, F; van der Laak, N; Ting, SW; Chan, KY201090
Low activation energy dehydrogenation of formic acid at ambient temperature and pressureChan, KY; Ting, SW; Baby, J; Van Der Laak, NK; Cheng, S2010222
Indirect formic acid fuel cell with room temperature catalytic dehydrogenationChan, KY; Li, H; Ting, SW; Tsui, J2010249
A room temperature indirect formic acid fuel cellTing, SW; Li, F; Li, H; Tsui, J; Chan, KY2010142
Multi-scale structuring of composite electrode materials for fuel cells and energy applicationsChan, GKY; van der Laak, NK; Li, F; Lam, YL; Ting, SW; Yang, C2009120
Low activation energy dehydrogenation of aqueous formic acid on platinum-ruthenium-bismuth oxide at near ambient temperature and pressureTing, SW; Cheng, S; Tsang, KY; Van Der Laak, N; Chan, KY2009106
Template-synthesized mesoporous carbons as PtRu supports for direct methanol fuel cellsChan, GKY; Zhang, Q; Ding, J; Ting, SW2008221
A dual porosity carbon support for direct methanol fuel cellsChan, KY; Ting, SW; Ren, J2008172
Methanol oxidation on platinum-ruthenium nanoparticles supported on well defined mesoporous carbonsChan, KY; Ren, J; Ting, SW; Ding, J; Wang, H2007228
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