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Emeishan large igneous province, SW ChinaAli, JR; Thompson, GM; Zhou, MF; Song, X2005100
Emeishan Basalt Ar-Ar overprint ages define several tectonic events that affected the western Yangtze platform in the Mesozoic and CenozoicAli, JR; Lo, CH; Thompson, GM; Song, X2004103
Emeishan Basalts (SW China) and the 'end-Guadalupian' crisis: magnetobiostratigraphic constraintsAli, JR; Thompson, GM; Song, X; Wang, Y2002302
Origin of oceanic phonolite by crystal fractionation and the problem of the Daley gap: an example from RarotongaThompson, GM; Smith, IEM; Malpas, JG200190
Emeishan Basalts, SW China: Reappraisal of the formation's type area stratigraphy and a discussion of its significance as a large igneous provinceThompson, GM; Ali, JR; Song, X; Jolley, DW2001629
The Emeishan flood basalts, SW ChinaThompson, GM; Zhou, MF; Song, X; Wang, YL200085
Partitioning of REE and high field strength elements in pyroxenes and spinels in alkali magmas determined by Laser ablation microprobe-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (LAM-ICP-MS)Thompson, GM; Malpas, JG200077
Mineral/melt partition coefficients of oceanic alkali basalts determined on natural samples using laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LAM-ICP-MS)Thompson, GM; Malpas, J2000131
Volcanic geology of Rarotonga, southern Pacific OceanThompson, GM; Malpas, J; Smith, IEM199851
The petrogenesis of Rarotonga, Cook-Austral Chain, S. Pacific: A maverick ocean island or just poorly understood?Thompson, GM; Malpas, JG; Smith, I199890
Volcanic geology of Rarotonga, Cook IslandsThompson, GM; Malpas, JG; Smith, I1998185
Petrogenetic Implications for Ocean Island Petrogenesis of Partition Coefficients determined by LAM-ICP-MSMalpas, JG; Thompson, GM; Smith, I199892
The geochemistry of tholeiitic and alkalic plutonic suites within the Northland ophiolite, northern New Zealand; magmatism in a back arc basinThompson, GM; Malpas, J; Smith, IEM199755
The tectonic implications of contrasting suites of plutonic rocks within the Northland Ophiolite, New ZealandThompson, GM; Malpas, JG; Smith, I199797
New developments in laser ablation microprobe-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometryThompson, GM; Malpas, JG199582
A petrogenetic study of ocean island magmatism: Ranotonga-application of partition coefficients determined by laser ablation microprobe-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometryThompson, GM; Malpas, JG; Jenner, G199598
The geological evolution of Ranotonga, Cook Islands Archipelago South PacificThompson, GM; Malpas, JG; Smith, IEM199595
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