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A Comparative Study of the Benefits of Applying Target Cost Contracts between South Australia and Hong KongChan, DWM; Lam, PTI; Chan, HL; Ma, T; Thomas, P201225
International students: A vulnerable student populationSherry, M; Thomas, P; Chui, WH2010247
Prospective randomized trial of direct endomyocardial implantation of bone marrow cells for treatment of severe coronary artery diseases (PROTECT-CAD trial)Tse, HF; Thambar, S; Kwong, YL; Rowlings, P; Bellamy, G; McCrohon, J; Thomas, P; Bastian, B; Chan, JKF; Lo, G; Ho, CL; Chan, WS; Kwong, RY; Parker, A; Hauser, TH; Chan, J; Fong, DYT; Lau, CP2007166
Curcumin prevents alcohol-induced liver disease in rats by inhibiting the expression of NF-κB-dependent genesNanji, AA; Jokelainen, K; Tipoe, GL; Rahemtulla, A; Thomas, P; Dannenberg, AJ2003115
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor expression in male and female ethanol-fed ratsNanji, AA; Lau, GKK; Tipoe, GL; Sui, TY; Chen, YX; Thomas, P; Lan, HY200199
Increased severity of alcoholic liver injury in female rats: Role of oxidative stress, endotoxin, and chemokinesNanji, AA; Jokelainen, K; Fotouhinia, M; Rahemtulla, A; Thomas, P; Tipoe, GL; Grace, LSU; Dannenberg, AJ2001109
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