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Soluble ionic and oxygen isotopic compositions of a shallow firn profile, Baishui glacier no. 1, southeastern Tibetan PlateauPang, H; He, Y; Theakstone, WH; Zhang, DD2007154
Spatia and Temporal Variations of Oxygen Isotopes in Snowpacks and Glacial Runoff in Different Types of Glacial Area in Western ChinaHe, YQ; Pang, H; Theakstone, WH; Zhang, D; Li, A200698
Spatial and temporal variations of oxygen isotopes in snowpacks and glacial runoff in different types of glacial area in western ChinaHe, Y; Pang, H; Theakstone, WH; Zhang, D; Lu, A; Song, B; Yuan, L; Ning, B2006116
Asynchronous Holocene climatic change across ChinaHe, Y; Theakstone, WH; Zhang, Z; Zhang, D; Yao, T; Chen, T; Shen, Y; Pang, H200493
Recent variability of the climate and glaciers in China's monsoon regionHe, Y; Zhang, Z; Theakstone, WH; Chen, T; Yao, T; Zhang, DD; Pang, H2003165
Winter-season climatic signals in the recently deposited snowpack on a Norwegian alpine glacierHe, Y; Theakstone, WH; Yao, T; Cheng, G; Zhang, D; Yang, M200292
The irregular pattern of isotopic and ionic signals in the typical monsoon temperate-glacier area, Yulong mountain, ChinaHe, Y; Theakstone, WH; Yao, T; Chen, T; Zhang, DD200278
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