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Relevance of breast cancer hormone receptors and other factors to the efficacy of adjuvant tamoxifen: patient-level meta-analysis of randomised trialsKwong, DLW; Davies, C; Godwin, J; Gray, R; Clarke, M; Cutter, D; Darby, S; McGale, P; Pan, HC; Taylor, C; Wang, YC; Dowsett, M; Ingle, J; Peto, R201164
Effect of radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery on 10-year recurrence and 15-year breast cancer death: meta-analysis of individual patient data for 10 801 women in 17 randomised trialsKwong, DLW; Darby, S; McGale, P; Correa, C; Taylor, C; Arriagada, R; Clarke, M; Cutter, D; Davies, C; Ewertz, M; Godwin, J; Gray, R; Pierce, L; Whelan, T; Wang, Y; Peter, R2011295
Do common in silico tools predict the clinical consequences of amino-acid substitutions in the CFTR gene?Dorfman, R; Nalpathamkalam, T; Taylor, C; Gonska, T; Keenan, K; Yuan, XW; Corey, M; Tsui, LC; Zielenski, J; Durie, P201081
Complex two-gene modulation of lung disease severity in children with cystic fibrosisDorfman, R; Sandford, A; Taylor, C; Huang, B; Frangolias, D; Wang, Y; Sang, R; Pereira, L; Sun, L; Berthiaume, Y; Tsui, LC; Paré, PD; Durie, P; Corey, M; Zielenski, J2008172
A mathematical model for interplanetary logisticsTaylor, C; Song, M; Klabjan, D; de Weck, O; Simchi-Levi, D200785
Definition and classification of power system stabilityKundur, P; Paserba, J; Ajjarapu, V; Andersson, G; Bose, A; Canizares, C; Hatziargyriou, N; Hill, D; Stankovic, A; Taylor, C; Van Cursem, T; Vittal, V2004105
Familiality of symptom dimensions in schizophreniaWickham, H; Walsh, C; Asherson, P; Taylor, C; Sigmundson, T; Gill, M; Owen, MJ; Mcguffin, P; Murray, R; Sham, P200168
Systematic search for major genes in schizophrenia: Methodological issues and results from chromosome 12Dawson, E; Powell, JF; Sham, P; Shaikh, S; Taylor, C; Clements, A; Asherson, P; Sargeant, M; Collier, D; Nanko, S; Whatley, S; Murray, R; Mcguffin, P; Owen, M; Gill, M199570
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