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Meta-Analysis of the Effect of Intravitreal Bevacizumab Versus Intravitreal Triamcinolone Acetonide in Central Retinal Vein OcclusionJin, ZY; Zhu, D; Tao, Y; Wong, YHI; Jonas, JB201320
Structural basis for role of Ringer Finger Protein RNF168 Ring domainZhang, X; CHEN, J; Wu, M; Wu, H; Arokiaraj, AWR; Wang, C; Zhang, W; Tao, Y; Huen, MSY; Zang, J201357
Structural Basis for Role of Ring Finger Protein RNF168 RING DomainZhang, X; CHEN, J; Wu, M; Wu, H; Arokiaraj, AWR; Wang, C; Zhang, W; Tao, Y; Huen, MSY; Zang, J201332
Genomic characterization of seven distinct bat coronaviruses in KenyaTao, Y; Tang, K; Shi, M; Conrardy, C; Li, KSM; Lau, SKP; Anderson, LJ; Tong, S2012109
Challenges and strategies for greening the compact city of Hong KongTian, Y; Jim, CY; Tao, Y2012246
Landscape ecological assessment of green space fragmentation in Hong KongTian, Y; Jim, CY; Tao, Y; Shi, T2011115
Factors on the spatial pattern of green cover in the compact city of Hong KongTian, Y; Jim, C; Tao, Y201192
Molecular dissection of the pathogen-inducible 3-deoxyanthocyanidin biosynthesis pathway in sorghumLiu, H; Du, Y; Chu, H; Shih, CH; Wong, YW; Wang, M; Chu, IK; Tao, Y; Lo, C2010365
The effect of isoflurane or propofol anaesthesia on liver injury after partial hepatectomy in cirrhotic patientsYang, LQ; Tao, KM; Cheung, CW; Liu, YT; Tao, Y; Wu, FX; Yu, WF2010111
OsNOA1/RIF1 is a functional homolog of AtNOA1/RIF1: Implication for a highly conserved plant cGTPase essential for chloroplast functionLiu, H; Lau, E; Lam, MPY; Chu, H; Li, S; Huang, G; Guo, P; Wang, J; Jiang, L; Chu, IK; Lo, C; Tao, Y2010176
TRAC variants associate with IgA nephropathyLi, R; Xue, C; Li, C; Lou, T; Tao, Y; Li, Y; Huang, W; Zhang, J; Leung, JCK; Lam, MF; Vyse, TJ; Lai, KN; Wu, C; Wang, Y2009373
Efficient evaluation of probabilistic advanced spatial queries on existentially uncertain dataYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Dai, X; Tao, Y; Vaitis, M2009378
The Bdual -tree: Indexing moving objects by space filling curves in the dual spaceYiu, ML; Tao, Y; Mamoulis, N200896
Controls on the metal compositions of magmatic sulfide deposits in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW ChinaSong, XY; Zhou, MF; Tao, Y; Xiao, JF2008113
Continuous constraint query evaluation for spatiotemporal streamsHadjieleftheriou, M; Mamoulis, N; Tao, Y2007120
Range search on multidimensional uncertain dataTao, Y; Xiao, X; Cheng, R200785
Latent membrane protein 1 of Epstein-Barr virus regulates p53 phosphorylation through MAP kinasesLi, L; Guo, L; Tao, Y; Zhou, S; Wang, Z; Luo, W; Hu, D; Li, Z; Xiao, L; Tang, M; Yi, W; Tsao, SW; Cao, Y200780
Efficient quantile retrieval on multi-dimensional dataYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Tao, Y2006122
Expression of cytoplasmic and nuclear Survivin in primary and secondary human glioblastomaXie, D; Zeng, YX; Wang, HJ; Wen, JM; Tao, Y; Sham, JST; Guan, XY2006130
Reverse nearest neighbor search in metric spacesTao, Y; Yiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2006185
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