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Estimation of optical power and heat-dissipation coefficient for the photo-electro-thermal theory for LED systemsChen, HT; Tao, XH; Hui, SYR2012110
An Extended Photoelectrothermal Theory for LED Systems: A Tutorial From Device Characteristic to System Design for General LightingHui, SYR; Chen, H; Tao, XH201288
A novel passive off-line light-emitting diode (LED) driver with long lifetimeHui, SYR; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM201098
A novel passive offline LED driver with long lifetimeRon Hui, SY; Li, SN; Tao, XH; Chen, W; Ng, WM2010152
Estimation of internal junction temperature & thermal resistance of light-emitting diodes using external luminous flux measurementsTao, XH; Li, SN; Hui, SYR2010153
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