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Using Al/Fe Rich Sludge Residues from Water and Wastewater Treatment Processing to Immobilize Copper Electroplating WasteTang, Y; Shih, K201324
Photo forensics on shanzhai mobile phoneZhou, G; Tang, Y; Fang, J; Jiang, ZL; Chow, KP; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Xu, RS; Mai, YH; Hou, SH; Xu, F201349
Copper Stabilization in Beneficial Use of Waterworks Sludge and Copper-laden Electroplating Sludge for Ceramic MaterialsShih, K; Tang, Y201318
Copper Sludge from Printed Circuit Board Production/Recycling for Ceramic Materials: A Quantitative Analysis of Copper Transformation and ImmobilizationTang, Y; Lee, PH; Shih, K201337
Activated NF-κB in Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Patients Inhibits Osteogenic Differentiation Through Downregulating Smad SignalingTang, Y; Xie, H; Chen, J; Geng, L; Chen, H; Li, X; Hou, Y; Lu, L; Shi, S; Zeng, X; Sun, L201341
Voronoi-based nearest neighbor search for multi-dimensional uncertain databasesZhang, P; Cheng, R; Mamoulis, N; Renz, M; Züfle, A; Tang, Y; Emrich, T201327
Incorporating Simulated Zinc Ash by Kaolinite- and Sludge-Based Ceramics: Phase Transformation and Product LeachabilityShih, K; Tang, Y201256
Beneficial Utilization of Waterworks Sludge for Zinc StabilizationShih, K; Tang, Y201246
Gene expression profile reveals abnormalities of multiple signaling pathways in mesenchymal stem cell derived from patients with systemic lupus erythematosusTang, Y; Ma, X; Zhang, H; Gu, Z; Hou, Y; Gilkeson, GS; Lu, L; Zeng, X; Sun, L201230
Applying Kaolinite-Mullite reaction series to immobilize toxic metals in environmentShih, K; Tang, Y201261
Mechanisms of Stabilizing Hazardous Metals through Thermal Reactions with Clay MaterialsTang, Y; Shih, K; Fang, HHP201227
Nihilism and the Social Constructedness of MoralityTang, Y201222
Forensic analysis of pirated Chinese Shanzhai mobile phonesFang, J; Jiang, ZL; Chow, KP; Yiu, SM; Hui, LCK; Zhou, G; He, MF; Tang, Y201228
Erratum: Copper stabilization via spinel formation during the sintering of simulated copper-laden sludge with aluminum-rich ceramic precursors (Environmental Science and Technology (2011) 45 (3598-3604))Tang, Y; Chui, SSY; Shih, K; Zhang, L201164
Stabilize nickel and copper in ceramic matrix: phase transformation and product leachabilityShih, K; Tang, Y; Liao, C201165
Transform nickel and copper in waste solids into spinel structuresShih, K; Tang, Y; Liao, C201152
Prolonged toxicity characteristic leaching procedure for nickel and copper aluminatesShih, K; Tang, Y2011137
Phase Transformation of Metals in Reusing Sludge for Ceramic Products: Examples of Nickel and CopperShih, K; Tang, Y; Liao, C201160
Potential beneficial uses of water treatment sludge incineration ash in Hong KongShih, K; Tang, Y; Liao, C2011162
Zinc stabilization efficiency of aluminate spinel structure and its leaching behaviorTang, Y; Shih, K; Wang, Y; Chong, TC2011130
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