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Antenatal anxiety and depression in Hong Kong Chinese pregnant women: An important yet underestimated problem.Lam, SK; Lee, AM; Tang, LCH2008172
Prevalence, course and risk factors of disordered eating during pregnancy and in the postpartum period
Paper presented at the World Psychiatric Association International Congress 2007, Nov 28 - Dec 1, 2007, Melbourne, Australia
Lee, AM; Lam, SK; Lau, SMSM; Chui, HW; Fong, DYT; Kwan, CW; Chong, CSY; Tang, LCH2007161
Prevalence and risk factors of antenatal anxiety and depression among Chinese pregnant women
Paper presented at the Conference on the Quality of Life Research in Asia (May 19-21, 2006)
Lee, AM; Lam, SK; Lau, SM; Tang, LCH2006121
Challenges in the antenatal management of fetal bladder outlet obstruction
Anniversary Celebration Symposium on Future Directions of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Tang, MHY; Tang, LCH; Sin, SY199862
Biochemical screening for Downs syndrome - Hong Kong experience
Proceedings of the Second Asian Congress on Down Syndrome Screening
Taiwan Society of Perinattology.
Lam, YH; Tang, MHY; Ho, PKH; Lee, CP; Cheung, CY; Ghosh, A; Sin, SY; Tang, LCH1997100
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