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The hepatitis B virus-associated estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) was regulated by microRNA-130a in HepG2.2.15 human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsTang, L; Pu, Y; Wong, DKH; Liu, T; Tang, H; Xiang, T; Yuen, MF; Ren, G2011441
An isoleucine-zipper motif enhances costimulation of human soluble trimeric GITR ligandCui, D; Wang, S; Chen, Y; Tong, J; Ma, J; Tang, L; Yang, X; Shi, Y; Tian, J; Lu, L; Xu, H2010128
Expression and Characterization of Human Soluble Trimeric GITR ligand with an Isoleucine Zipper Motif.Cui, D; Wang, SJ; Chen, Y; Tang, L; Yang, X; Shi, Y; Tian, J; Tong, J; Xu, H201088
Determination of mismatched donor HLA in kidney transplant recipients with unknown donor HLA phenotypesKwok, J; Chan, GSW; Lam, MF; Yan, T; Tang, L; Kwong, KM; Chan, KW; Chan, TM2010296
Assessing discrepant findings between QF-PCR on uncultured prenatal samples and karyotyping on long-term cultureLau, ET; Tang, L; Wong, C; Hang, LY; Ghosh, A; Cleung, W; Sin, WK; Lau, TK; Kung, YY; Tang, MHY2009109
Haptic simulation of flexible needle insertionHe, X; Chen, Y; Tang, L200880
Magnetic force aided compliant needle navigation and needle performance analysisTang, L; Chen, Y; He, X200882
Modeling of flexible needle for haptic insertion simulationHe, X; Chen, Y; Tang, L200875
Compliant needle modeling and steerable insertion simulationTang, L; Chen, Y; He, X200856
Improved ant colony optimization for one-dimensional bin packing problem with precedence constraintsZhang, Z; Cheng, W; Tang, L; Cheng, Y2007112
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