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Tectonic affinity of the west Qinling terrane (central China): North China or Yangtze?Zheng, JP; Griffin, WL; Sun, M; O'Reilly, SY; Zhang, HF; Zhou, HW; Xiao, L; Tang, HY; Zhang, ZH2010100
A fast modified protocol for random-access ultra-high density whole-genome scan: A tool for personalized genomic medicine, positional mapping, and cytogenetic analysisLau, KC; Mak, CM; Leung, KY; Tsoi, TH; Tang, HY; Lee, P; Lam, CW2009181
Age and composition of granulite and pyroxenite xenoliths in Hannuoba basalts reflect Paleogene underplating beneath the North China CratonZheng, JP; Griffin, WL; Qi, L; O'reilly, SY; Sun, M; Zheng, S; Pearson, N; Gao, JF; Yu, CM; Su, YP; Tang, HY; Liu, QS; Wu, XL2009114
Age and geochemistry of contrasting peridotite types in the Dabie UHP belt, eastern China: Petrogenetic and geodynamic implicationsZheng, JP; Sun, M; Griffin, WL; Zhou, MF; Zhao, GC; Robinson, P; Tang, HY; Zhang, ZH2008297
DNA-based diagnosis of malignant osteopetrosis by whole-genome scan using a single-nucleotide polymorphism microarray: Standardization of molecular investigations of genetic diseases due to consanguinityLam, CW; Tong, SF; Wong, K; Luo, YF; Tang, HY; Ha, SY; Chan, MHM200786
Study on U-Pb age and Hf isotope of zircons in the Bixiling peridotites, the Dabie ultrahigh-pressure, metamorphic beltZheng, JP; Sun, M; Griffin, WL; Zhong, ZQ; Tang, HY; Zhang, ZH200780
Views on DSA continuing education: the dentists' & dental surgery assistants' perspectiveWong, MCM; Chen, A; Lau, KL; Law, CK; Ng, PC; Tang, HY; Wong, TS2007121
DNA-based diagnosis of mucolipidosis type IIIA and mucopolysacchariodisis type VI in a Chinese family: A chance of 1 in 7.6 trillionLam, CW; Yan, MSC; Li, CK; Lau, KC; Tong, SF; Tang, HY200784
In Vivo Study of Microbubbles As An MR Susceptibility Contrast AgentWong, KKK; Huang, IJ; Kim, YR; Tang, HY; Yang, ES; Kwong, KK; Wu, EX200498
Feature-based medical image deformation and registrationTang, HY; Zhuang, TG; Ma, QY; Wu, EX199973
The irreversibility line and flux creep. A comparative study of Ba -xK xBiO 3-δ and YBa 2Cu 3O 7-δXue, YY; Huang, ZJ; Fang, HH; Chan, WC; Hor, PH; Chu, CW; Norton, ML; Tang, HY199277
Study of the magnetic properties of single-crystal Ba 0.6K 0.4BiO 3Huang, ZJ; Fang, HH; Xue, YY; Hor, PH; Chu, CW; Norton, ML; Tang, HY199164
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