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Meta-analysis Followed by Replication Identifies Loci in or near CDKN1B, TET3, CD80, DRAM1, and ARID5B as Associated with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in AsiansYang, W; Tang, H; Zhang, Y; Tang, X; Zheng, J; Sun, L; Yang, J; Cui, Y; Zhang, L; Hirankarn, N; Cheng, H; Pan, HF; Gao, J; Lee, TL; Sheng, Y; Lau, WCS; Li, Y; Chan, TM; Yin, X; Ying, D; Lu, Q; Leung, AMH; Zuo, X; Chen, X; Tong, KL; Zhou, F; Diao, Q; Tse, NKC; Xie, H; Mok, CC; Hao, F; Wong, SN; Shi, B; Lee, KW; Hui, Y; Ho, MHK; Liang, B; Lee, PPW; Cui, H; Guo, Q; Chung, BHY; Pu, X; Liu, Q; Zhang, X; Zhang, C; Chong, CY; Fang, H; Wong, RWS; Sun, Y; Mok, TMY; Li, XP; Avihingsanon, Y; Zhi, Z; Rianthavorn, P; Deekajorndej, T; Suphapeetiporn, K; Gao, F; Shotelersuk, V; Kang, X; Ying, SKY; Zhang, L; Wong, WHS; Zhu, D; Fung, SKS; Zeng, F; Lai, WM; Wong, CM; Ng, IOL; Garcia-Barcelo, MM; Cherny, SS; Shen, N; Tam, PKH; Sham, PC; Ye, DQ; Yang, S; Zhang, X; Lau, YL2013112
Measurement and correction of stimulated echo contamination in T2-based iron quantificationWu, EX; Sammet, CL; Swaminathan, SV; Tang, H; Sheth, S; Jensen, JH; Nunez, A; Hultman, K; Kim, D; Brittenham, GM; Brown, TR201322
Quantitative hepatitis B surface antigen analysis in hepatitis B e antigen-positive, nucleoside-naive patients treated with entecavirGish, RG; Chang, TT; Lai, CL; de Man, RA; Gadano, A; Llamoso, C; Tang, H201348
Rotavirus vaccine RIX4414 efficacy sustained during the third year of life: A randomized clinical trial in an Asian populationPhua, KB; Lim, FS; Lau, YL; Nelson, EAS; Huang, LM; Quak, SH; Lee, BW; Doorn, LJV; Teoh, YL; Tang, H; Suryakiran, PV; Smolenov, IV; Bock, HL; Han, HH201299
High Rates of Viral Suppression After Long-term Entecavir Treatment of Asian Patients With Hepatitis B e Antigen-Positive Chronic Hepatitis BPan, CQ; Tong, M; Kowdley, KV; Hu, K; Chang, T; Lai, C; Yoon, SK; Lee, SS; Cohen, D; Tang, H; Tsai, N2012121
Decline in hepatitis B surface antigen levels with entecavir treatment in HBeAg-positive nucleoside naive chronic hepatitis B patients-results from phase III study ETV-022Gish, R; Chang, TT; Lai, CL; De Man, RA; Gadano, A; Yu, S; Llamoso, C; Tang, H201272
The hepatitis B virus-associated estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) was regulated by microRNA-130a in HepG2.2.15 human hepatocellular carcinoma cellsTang, L; Pu, Y; Wong, DKH; Liu, T; Tang, H; Xiang, T; Yuen, MF; Ren, G2011441
Characterization of tumor-suppressive function of SOX6 in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomaQin, YR; Tang, H; Xie, F; Liu, H; Zhu, Y; Ai, J; Chen, L; Li, Y; Kwong, DL; Fu, L; Guan, XY2011397
Overexpression of GPR39 contributes to malignant development of human esophageal squamous cell carcinomaXie, F; Liu, H; Zhu, YH; Qin, YR; Dai, Y; Zeng, T; Chen, L; Nie, C; Tang, H; Li, Y; Fu, L; Guan, XY20111,171
Epigenetic alteration of organic cation transporter gene SLC22A3 confers susceptibility to esophageal cancer in the high-risk northern ChineseFu, GL; Qin, YR; Tang, H; Ai, JY; Dong, S; Lu, L; Chen, J; Lung, ML; Kwong, DLW; Guan, X2010245
Long-term entecavir treatment for up to 5 years in Asians with HBEAG-positive nucleos(T)ide naïve chronic hepatitis B: results from ETV-022 and -901Pan, C; Tong, MJ; Kowdley, KV; Hu, KQ; Chang, TT; Lai, CL; Yoon, SK; Lee, SS; Cohen, DS; Tang, H; Tsai, N2010140
Separate MRI quantification of dispersed (ferritin-like) and aggregated (hemosiderin-like) storage ironJensen, JH; Tang, H; Tosti, CL; Swaminathan, SV; Nunez, A; Hultman, K; Szulc, KU; Wu, EX; Kim, D; Sheth, S; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2010217
Magnetic resonance assessment of iron overload by separate measurement of tissue ferritin and hemosiderin ironWu, EX; Kim, D; Tosti, CL; Tang, H; Jensen, JH; Cheung, JS; Feng, L; Au, WY; Ha, SY; Sheth, SS; Brown, TR; Brittenham, GM2010105
In vivo MRI evaluation of anabolic steroid precursor growth effects in a guinea pig modelTang, H; Vasselli, JR; Tong, C; Heymsfield, SB; Wu, EX2009151
Myocardial T2 quantitation in patients with iron overload at 3 TeslaGuo, H; Au, WY; Cheung, JS; Kim, D; Jensen, JH; Khong, PL; Chan, Q; Chan, KC; Tosti, C; Tang, H; Brown, TR; Lam, WWM; Ha, SY; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2009182
Safety and efficacy of human rotavirus vaccine during the first 2 years of life in Asian infants: Randomised, double-blind, controlled studyPhua, KB; Lim, FS; Lau, YL; Nelson, EAS; Huang, LM; Quak, SH; Lee, BW; Teoh, YL; Tang, H; Boudville, I; Oostvogels, LC; Suryakiran, PV; Smolenov, IV; Han, HH; Bock, HL200987
Heart and liver R2 and R2* measurements in patients with thalassaemia major at 3TGuo, H; Au, WY; Cheung, JSC; Jensen, JH; Kim, D; Khong, PL; Chan, Q; Tosti, C; Tang, H; Brown, TR; Lam, WWM; Ha, SY; Brittenham, GM; Wu, EX2009485
Anabolic steroid growth effects: assessment with magnetic resonance imaging in a guinea pig modelWu, EX; Tang, H; Tong, C; Heymsfield, SB; Vasselli, JR2008105
Immunogenicity and safety of cervarizTM in healthy women in Hong KongNgan, HYS; Cheung, ANY; Tam, KF; Chan, KKL; Tang, H; Bi, D; Descamps, D; Bock, HL200889
In vivo MRI quantification of individual muscle and organ volumes for assessment of anabolic steroid growth effectsWu, EX; Tang, H; Tong, C; Heymsfield, SB; Vasselli, JR200865
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