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The novel phlorogucinol derivative BFP induces apoptosis of glioma cancer through reactive oxygen species and endoplasmic reticulum stress pathwaysLu, DY; Chang, CS; Yeh, WL; Tang, CH; Cheung, CW; Leung, YM; Liu, JF; Wong, K201254
Phloroglucinol derivative MCPP induces cell apoptosis in human colon cancerHuang, SM; Cheung, CW; Chang, CS; Tang, CH; Liu, JF; Lin, YH; Chen, JH; Ko, SH; Wong, KL; Lu, DY2011155
Heat-induced modifications in the functional and structural properties of vicilin-rich protein isolate from kidney (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) beanTang, CH; Ma, CY200970
Thermal aggregation, amino acid composition and in vitro digestibility of vicilin-rich protein isolates from three Phaseolus legumes: A comparative studyTang, CH; Chen, L; Ma, CY200947
Effects of high pressure on the conformation of freeze-dried soy protein isolate: A FTIR spectroscopic studyTang, CH; Ma, CY200953
Effect of high pressure treatment on aggregation and structural properties of soy protein isolateTang, CH; Ma, CY200948
Transglutaminase-induced cross-linking of vicilin-rich kidney protein isolate: Influence on the functional properties and in vitro digestibilityTang, CH; Sun, X; Yin, SW; Ma, CY200860
Effects of high-pressure treatment on some physicochemical and functional properties of soy protein isolatesWang, XS; Tang, CH; Li, BS; Yang, XQ; Li, L; Ma, CY2008139
Modulation of the thermal stability of β-lactoglobulin by transglutaminase treatmentTang, CH; Ma, CY200755
Study of thermal properties and heat-induced denaturation and aggregation of soy proteins by modulated differential scanning calorimetryTang, CH; Choi, SM; Ma, CY2007192
Cantonese Dichotic Digit Test: Test Creation and Normative Values for Children and AdultsFuente Contreras, AN; McPherson, DB; Chiang, LP; Tang, CH200793
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