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AFM nanoindentation detection of the elastic modulus of tongue squamous carcinoma cells with different metastatic potentialsZhou, Z; Zheng, C; Li, S; Zhou, X; Liu, Z; He, Q; Zhang, N; Ngan, AHW; Tang, B; Wang, A201330
A Polyferroplatinyne Precursor for the Rapid Fabrication of L10‐FePt‐type Bit Patterned Media by Nanoimprint LithographyDong, Q; Li, G; Ho, C; Faisal, M; Leung, C; Pong, PWT; Liu, K; Tang, B; Manners, I; Wong, W201216
Atomic force microscopy of collagen fibrils from articular cartilage as a diagnostic tool for osteoarthritisTang, B; Fong, MK; Wen, CY; Yan, CH; Chan, D; Ngan, AHW; Chiu, PKY; Lu, WW201236
Revisiting the marrow metabolic changes after chemotherapy in lymphoma: a step towards personalized careTang, B; Patel, MM; Wong, RH; Wood, D; Wong, CO; Wu, D; Khong, PL; Wong, CYO201145
The compliance of the individual collagen fibrils of osteoarthritic cartilage is inferior to intact cartilageWen, CY; Wu, CB; Tang, B; Lu, WW; Yan, CH; Chiu, PKY2011202
Uncoupling of bone formation with resorption in osteoarthritis subchondral bone in postmenopausal women: associated with osteocyte dysfunction?Wen, CY; Tang, B; Lu, WW; Yan, CH; Salmon, P; Chiu, PKY2011151
Identifying volatile data from multiple memory dumps in live forensicsLaw, F; Chan, P; Yiu, SM; Tang, B; Lai, P; Chow, KP; Ieong, R; Kwan, M; Hon, WK; Hui, L2010101
Identifying static and dynamic volatile memory data from multiple dumps for live forensicsLaw, FYW; Chan, PF; Yiu, SM; Tang, B; Lai, PKY; Chow, KP; Ieong, R; Kwan, MYK; Hon, WK; Hui, LCK2010182
Exceptionally low metabolic activity in aggressive peripheral T-cell lymphomaTang, B; Douglas-Nikitin, V; Balon, H; Wong, CO; Khong, PL; Wong, CYO2009126
Histamine selectively excites projection neurons rather interneurons in the cerebellar nuclei. Neuroscience Bulletin 23: 64Zhang, J; Zhu, JN; Tang, B; Li, HZ; Han, XH; Yung, WH; Chan, YS; Wang, JJ200798
Ruthenium benzylidene and vinylidene complexes in a sulfur-rich coordination environmentLeung, WH; Lau, KK; Zhang, QF; Wong, WT; Tang, B2000131
Special modulator for high frequency, low-voltage plasma immersion ion implantationTian, X; Wang, X; Tang, B; Chu, PK; Ko, PK; Cheng, YC1999426
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